Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day, it's the day after Valentines. But, yesterday was so strange that I needed a day of reflection on it before safely committing it to writing and not sounding like I'm off my rocker. I'm not in any way promising that I won't still sound like I'm off my rocker, but at least this way it won't be because I didn't take the time to reflect on it.

First of all, due to a sort of domino effect of unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to have any sort of date for Valentine's Day. There had been a plan in the works, but everything fell apart because of:
1. my overactive and relationship paranoid imagination
2. my extremely protective friends who have nothing but the best of intentions, even as they involve people like the chief of police of our small town
3. the friend's of my potential date who took offense for their friend and who also have nothing but the best of intentions
4. my 13-year-old son who wouldn't care if you were dressed up like the Easter Bunny...chances are you're a knife-wielding, ax-toting serial Drew's world, Easter Bunny costume is code for "gee, look how many concealed weapons I can cram into this large fluffy tail"
5. the extremely poor health of my new friend's elderly parents

You can just go ahead and create a story using those 5 elements and it will suffice as the reason why I sat and watched Lost all alone last night instead of enjoying some sort of terrific dinner with a date. But, all is not "lost" (heehee!) and amends and pardons have been made all around. I'm pretty sure everything will work out....given a bit more time.

And that was just the personal portion of my Valentine's Day Fun-O-Rama. It gets even more exciting when I get to the part that happened at school yesterday. Without going into any detail, and allowing you to assume that I was absolutely, positively in the realm of acceptable and even expected teacher behavior (because I was, for real), the day culminated with an agitated parent sweeping through my classroom, throwing an emptied (of candy) wicker basket across the room, and exclaiming loudly in the presence of all 17 of my 4th grade students, "c'mon (son) let's get the f*@& out of here!" Oh yes. Is it ironic or tragic that the entire episode was instigated by a phone call I'd made to the parent not 30 minutes prior about said parent's child using the exact same word out loud to another student in class? The initial shock and dismay displayed by the parent upon hearing the child's offense became immediately laughable at that point.

I did get one really nice surprise yesterday that I must share. Tdub commented on my last post! The Arrested Development one. Since I'm certain any regular reader would want to hear any comment he might take the time to leave, I thought I'd let you guys know out front that it's there. It was a very pleasant occurrence in a day full of being quite bummed out.

I hope your Valentine's Day was better than the overall sense I mean. Looking on the bright side of things, at least it all made for something interesting to write about, no?

love and grace,
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Brandon said...

Hey Pam,

Sorry to hear your day didn't go too well. I'm not too surprised about the parent in your classroom though. That seems to go on a lot these days. I've seen a bit of that sort of thing for myself, having some background in education. Parents sure don't help a lot of times, do they?

Oh well, better luck next year. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry your Valentine's Day was so crazy.

And it was a pleasant surprise to read TDub's comment on that post!

-- Jarred.

kurt_t said...

I'm honestly thinking about boycotting all holidays that involve sugar. They had a Valentine's Day party at Nick's preschool, and by the time we picked the kid up, it looked like a prison riot in there.