Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pray for Zach

Zach is my 16 year-old stepson, Tdub's oldest. He's 16 and he's struggling mightily, spinning completely out of control, making the sorts of mistakes that will take YEARS to overcome. I don't feel I should share more details, but my heart just breaks for him. If things continue as they are, Tdub may insist that he come and live with me for at least the remainder of this school year. While I'd love to have him here because I love him and miss him, these would not the best of circumstances in which to have him. He doesn't want to leave his friends. Although, leaving his current group of friends is exactly what he needs. Please just pray.

love and grace,

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seithman said...

Zach, Tdub, and you all have my thoughts and prayers.

-- Jarred.

Anonymous said...


I totally spun out of control at about that age, too. And yes, it takes years to overcome - or unwind. I'll pray for Zach. I feel your ache. He really, really needs a united front from his parents right now. A love front. And you seem just like the person who can do that. My prayers for your strength.

grace said...

Thank you Jarred. Thanks so much.

Anonymous: It does help to hear from others who've been there, done that. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

MR said...

I will be praying also. Consistent love from you is what he needs, as anonymous said. From my experience with wild teens, the worst thing you could do would be to keep hitting him over the head with his mistakes. As you love him, gently show him a better way. My mother used to say, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Kat said...

Praying for Zach, praying for all of you. Praying that he comes gently to make better choices.

grace said...

Thanks kat! Nice to "meet" you! I noticed on your blog that you were at the GCN convention and I've bookmarked the video, "Straight to Heaven"(at the reccomendation of a friend) and plan to watch it this evening.

kurt_t said...

I'm praying too, Pam. I've been doing a lot of that lately anyway, as you know. Sixteen is such a rough age.

Brandon said...

I hope things are better now from when you first wrote this. I'll certainly be praying for you both and wishing for the best.

May God bless you richly.


grace said...

Thanks so much. Things have quieted down....and Zach is giving it a good try...hopefully he'll be able to pull it together and stay with his dad. He's like a little ticking time bomb that wants to self-destruct...demolition can be good, but not when there's nothing left to salvage after the explosion. I really do appreciate your prayers.