Friday, February 22, 2008

Trying Again

After the botched attempt to have a date on Valentine's Day, there have been several more phone chats and a few emails exchanged. He is extremely intriguing, and according to the chief of police of my small town, "he's clean". What more could a girl dream of? It's fun and scary to date at my age. But the risk of getting hurt, I still believe, is worth it.

In other news, I've determined that I really must begin to search for more lucrative job opportunities. I despise the idea of moving AGAIN this summer, but this tiny town I'm living in just barely pays enough to get me through each month. I also need to work on my master's degree if I have true intentions of trying to make more money in education. My goal being that by the time Drew is in college, I'll at least be able to help him out from time to time. At this point, I can provide no assistance at all to Daniel. So, I'm focusing on the large school districts in Oklahoma City that pay more and have the added benefit of being very close to several universities where I could easily work on my master's. As always, prayers are needed. I've gotta get busy!!!

love and grace,

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David said...


I'm sorry to hear that rural Oklahoma has been so tough, but sheesh - you're a single mom and a primary education teacher, you're practically a superhero already! I guess you'll be looking at OKC and Norman as this summer rolls around. I will certainly pray for job availabilities and your financial situation. And best of luck on the dating front. Phew, what a complicated realm that is.

grace said...

Thanks David! Complicated, indeed. As bad as it can be for me, I wouldn't trade places with you. I mean that really as encouragement or maybe just acknowledging your reality with a sort of "go get 'em tiger" sort of pat on the back as you continue your journey.