Monday, May 29, 2006

The Other Side of Grace

Tdub and I had this little conversation this morning before he headed off to the gym.

Me: What did you think of that X-Men movie? (i'd just read this post about it at ex-gay watch)
Tdub: I loved it. Thought it was awesome, the boys did too.
Me: Did any similarities to anything?
Tdub: *sort of grinning and nodding* You mean, to gays?
Me: Yeah, I've been reading that it's really all about the ex-gay movement....
Tdub: Anyone could easily make that jump...they have a "cure" for the mutants and there's this powerful guy whose son is a mutant.....

We talked for a while about the story and the way it does indeed apply and then our discussion parlayed into orientation vs. attraction and some of the stuff I've written lately about that in comments at ex-gay watch. (he doesn't read any of that stuff...his internet time is mainly email, a little news, movie reviews, and shopping...he's gonna KILL me for sayin' that! hehe!)
Anyway....we talked a little while and continued like this...

Me: I know, for you guys, this viewpoint that it's sin really doesn't seem fair. I mean, here you have this lifelong struggle......and yet.....honestly, I believe EVERYONE has something big to deal with. It's just that most people don't recognize it.
Tdub: *nodding* I agree with that.
Me: ALOT of people in our culture struggle horribly with materialism but it's not a big deal, it's accepted.
Tdub: *facetiously* Yeah, I'm glad I'm not materialistic.
Me: You're NOT. Really. That's not a sin of yours. You're vain....but you're not materialistic.
Tdub: *chuckling* that's what it is!
Me: Oh yeah...I don't think you're materialistic at all. You know, you just let me decide what your sins are. I'll take care of that! Vanity is your sin, not materialism.
*we were both laughing pretty hard by this time*
Tdub: There's my first post when I start my own blog...I'll call it,
"The Other Side of Grace".

And, since he's far too busy reading movie reviews to ever start his own blog...I decided just to write this one myself.


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tdubt said...

Hmmm....there are hardly words.

But I'm sure I can find some. I'll respond to the easy part right now.

Email and work that I can do from home, yep, that comprises my online life at home. But movie reviews and shopping? Surely you jest. Where could I possibly find the time for all of that???

In fact, that's the problem...I don't have time. Time to be well read. To explore blogs. To comment. To even write my own and gosh pardon the whining but there's so much maintenance to one of those. There's just too much else to do.

Or, maybe it's that I don't take time. (I do somehow manage to work a movie in now and then....)

That's my third post: "What do I drop?" or "God, I'll have to wait until life slows down." (I mean, I'm the only person in my small inner circle of friends who hasn't read the DaVinci Code which I'm bound and determined to finish in FL next week.)

I shouldn't probably write these spur-of-the-moment posts. I have to go now. Grace just brought me the world's best omlet to eat! Who needs a blog anyway. Cheers!

grace said...

Tdub: I know this is the WORST time of year to be "harrassing" you about your unaccounted for time...since you basically have NONE.

In case I haven't said it lately...and just so everyone who reads this will are exactly as you should be to lead this family in our journey. The problem is, contrary to popular belief, true leadership sucks most of the time because it looks so much like servanthood.

You're amazing and awesome and I love you! 6 days till FLORIDA! :)


em said...

I saw X-men 3 on opening day, and it was great!!!! I took a friend who had not seen the other X-men movies until two days previously. I cajoled her into watching them previous to Friday, because I was bound and determined to see the movie. She loved X3 so much that when we walked out of the theatre, she literally couldn't stop repeating, "That is the BEST movie ever!!"

She clearly enjoyed it more than me. haha! I do want to watch it again, though.

Anyway, I guess the social commentary is obvious, but I was enthralled with all the!! :-)

grace said...

Em: Yes...I'm sure your most imminent thoughts were "that could/should be ME up there on that screen!" hehe!


em said...

That's right... kicking some mutant A$$! Oh yeah. ;-)