Friday, May 12, 2006


We had a bit of excitement in our household yesterday afternoon. The name "grace" was never intended to refer to my deftness of movement. I've always been a bit accident prone. In fact, as "graceful" as I may appear in the spiritual sense, you could probably take to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum to describe me physically. (tdub, i see that grin)

Yesterday, as my last class was leaving for the day I walked back into my room to raise the overhead screen. It's housed in a heavy metal casing and hangs from the ceiling by clamps and metal "s" rings that attach to the metal ceiling grid. I tugged as usual to get the screen to retract back into the casing. I was standing to one side of the screen, not in front of it. The whole thing came unattached at the opposite end from me, swung down, and bonked me in the left temple. It knocked me to my knees but I never lost consciousness. I stumbled out of my room and did my best not to cry....but HURT! The band teacher happened to be out in the hallway, saw me there, took one look at the goose egg on my head, and literally ran to the office for more help. I'd managed to stumble my way to a chair that was sitting just outside my door. I wish I had video of each person's face who came down to look at me. The fact that I recall them is a very good sign, actually. They'd take one look, make a slight gasp and their eyes would widen. They helped me to the nurses office and began the process of getting me in to the school doctor who takes care of our workmen's comp. incidents.

The doctor did a thorough check or my neurological responses, determined that it was a slight concussion and sent me home with some medicine for headache. The swelling had gone WAY down by this morning and I went to school feeling fine. After lunch sometime today I started to sink. Right now I feel pretty YUCK. But, according to the doctor and what I googled about mild concussion this is pretty normal. And, I'm obviously not so bad off I can't type coherently. At least I assume this is coherent. Let me know if we need to call 911! ha! advice now, to anyone else who suffers a similar fate, would be to take the next day off, lie around, and milk it for all it's worth.


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Mel said...

Ouch! Hope you're feeling all better by now.