Monday, May 01, 2006

Boys are Smelly

For real. Not in a cute, "i'm-gonna-write- a-funny-post-about-being-a-mother-of-boys-way". I mean, they STINK. Like in a gross, "get-me-out-of-here-surely-this-isn't-what-life-is-supposed-to-be-like" sort of way.

They tromp in and out and bring their friends. Their friends all stink just like they do. They hang out here between games or between wakeskating or whatever. They leave stinky things lying around. Shirts, shorts, socks, towels, shoes....and more socks. They act like you've gone completely off your rocker and are totally "spazzed out" if you even begin to complain about the CRAP they leave lying around. They are MASTERS at making you feel like it's YOUR problem and not THEIR problem. They are pathetic. They make me sick and disgusted.

And yet, I love them.

There's a lesson here. But I don't even want to know it. I just want to take pleasure in my disgust and pride myself with the fact that I'm in control of them even though I have to turn into the Wicked Witch of the West (South, North, and East) to affect any change in the state of things. And they'll pull it together and pick it all up and make it look good.....for now.....and will go right back to the disgusting state of awfulness they love to wallow in.

Heaven help the women who marry them. Heaven help ME!


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Pete said...

Thank God...I think your boys are straight...:D

grace said...

Most indicators point that direction at this point. ;) I wonder if we could train them to be "just a little bit gay"? LOL I'm assuming you can find the humor in that statement!

Mel said...

I could have written that post. My boys are smelly and disgusting, except for the 8-year old who still retains a shred of his young sweetness.

grace said...

Mel: I relate to many of your kid stories as well! Thanks for stopping by (again) :).

Anonymous said...

UUUUuuuugggggghhhh.... I thought once we get past the toddler/baby stage things would get better!

I love them with every ounce of my being but this isn't what I signed up for!!

Sigh.... God give me grace

Pete said...

LOL...a lil bit gay wont do any harm I guess, haha