Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweet Home Oklahoma

My dad's on his way with a U-Haul. I'm going to back to God's country. It's funny; that comment was mentioned (god's country) by a new acquaintance of mine in OK the other day and I realized that "God's country" for my boys will be here. I think God's country must be wherever your home and family really lives, or maybe it's the place where you've grown up, assuming you had a lovely childhood. I do thank God for the lovely childhood I experienced that does make going back like going to God's country.

I found a WONDERFUL place to live.
This is the fr
ont. It's completely renovated with all new flooring, central heat/air, brand new appliances, a walk-in laundry room, AND an 8X6 room full of shelves that could be a "craft" room for me! There are two bedrooms. It also has a separate, air-conditioned room that matches the house which would make a perfect little art studio. The yard is immaculate and the owner does all the yard maintenance. Is this just incredible????'s cheaper in rent than what I'm paying now. Here's the back.
I'll post more pictures later. Did I mention there are TONS of cabinets...and the owner takes care of the yard???? I am feeling so blessed and favored by God right now. I know....I do know, that I'm always blessed and favored and that circumstances don't really mean much, but this is incredible! I'm going to unplug the computer now. See you in God's country!

love and grace,

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Steve Boese said...

Sounds and looks great, Pam! So happy for you...

Anonymous said...

Very cute house! Sure the pups will love it.

Norm! said...

Good for you! Your new place looks great. I'm jealous. I love the porch. And the grass does look greener on the other side. :)

kurt_t said...


Is it just me, or was this house just made for Christmas lights?!

But I can't tell if the Nativity scene should go left or right.

Robert said...


grace said...

Steve: So good to hear from you! How was the conference? Maybe I can make it next time. :(

Anon: The pups do love it! I've been walking them two or three times a day...will write more about that in my new post.

Norm!: Not only is the grass greener...the landlord is mowing it!!!

Kurt: You never disappoint. ;) You are right, was made for Christmas lights...and I think the nativity should go on the left (or stage right depending on how you are looking at it)

Robert: Been watching a little HGTV, have we? hee hee!

Robert said...

HGTV to me is like crack to a drug addict. That and Antiques Roadshow. (oh, I feel the cravings comin' on strong!!!! I better go faux finish a wall . . .)