Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thanks Norm!

Had the garage sale yesterday. It was WAY different than having a garage/yard sale back when I lived in town. My duplex is out in a small community just outside of Granbury, so folks have to make a little drive to get out here from the bulk of the town where I used to live. Most of the people who showed up bought something, but none of the BIG stuff. It's the BIG stuff I need to unload.

Norm! suggested I try putting things on Ebay or Craigslist. I'd never really considered such a thing. Until last night, after only bringing in $67.55 from my wonderful lot of junk. I got busy and set up an Ebay account and listed the big stuff on Craigslist. The whole process took me about an hour and viola', I'm sellin' my junk, baby! I finished listing on Craigslist about midnight last night and I have two emails this morning on two really LARGE items. Yipee!! No bids yet on my Ebay stuff (if you want to see what I have up go to Ebay "find a member" and search for ms.pamferguson). I think the eBay stuff doesn't start moving along until later in the days of bidding. That's the trend I seem to be noticing on the other stuff. We'll see. I think I'm hooked on this. Don't stand still too long if you come over to visit me. I might just take your picture and try and sell you on eBay!

Here are some pics of my collection as we had it displayed yesterday.

And here are Sparky's thoughts on the matter.

I was going to "caption" Sparky but I'm hoping Kurt will stop by and do a better job in the comments than I ever could out here. ;)

love and grace,

p.s. Norm!, is you have any more advice, please let me know!

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Norm! said...

Wow, Pam. I'm glad things are working out. Scott and I are craigslist addicts -- although we do more buying than selling. It's great for local buying. We often find exactly what we're looking for out in the suburb and rural areas which we would never find downtown.

I use eBay to buy equipment for work. However, the shipping issue complicates things and it's harder for buyers to find stuff locally.

You can list the stuff that doesn't sell in the free stuff section of craigslist too. However, free stuff can get a little out of hand -- especially if people think everything is free (worst case).

grace said...

I did put a couch with a big rip in it that's currently sitting in the driveway in the free stuff section. I titled it, "Come and Get this Couch". :) I read that news story. Whoa. I'll be SURE and keep my garage door closed at all times! Yikes!

Robert said...

OMG!!! Turn of the last century steamer trunk!!! How cool is that!!

Antiques are a sure fire way of bringing gay guys out to the sale. ;-D And cute puppies like Sparky. If he and Emma can strike adorable poses like that for the shoppers, more will stick around and buy!

grace said...

Where do you think I got that trunk, Robert??? hahahahahahahaha!!!

ANYWAY....if ya want it, it's yours for the shipping! ;)

kurt_t said...

Sparky says "Pssst. Over here. Check it out. Cat. Genuine Himalayan. Five bucks... What? No this is an orange short hair Himalayan. It's endangered. The FDA won't let you import these babies anym... Hey! Hold on a mi... Two bucks! OK, three bits and I'll throw in the Mr. Coffee!"

Robert said...

"ANYWAY....if ya want it, it's yours for the shipping! ;"

Oh so tempting -- However, if Richard finds that I have brought another "cool" thing into the house . . . Well, lets just say that the trunk is just the right size for my dismembered body. ;-D

grace said...

Kurt: LOL Perfect!

Robert: *giggle* He could probably even get you in there sans the dismemberment! I may end up keeping it. I'm mostly getting rid of it because I'm sick of moving it around.

Anonymous said...

I saw that steamer, too! Wow, Pam you have some real cool junk.

Norm! said...

Is there anything craigslist can't do? I have to share my cl success story today.

I broke my pine futon couch on Sunday and was a little worried about the expense and hassle of buying a new one. (I bought it new a couple of years ago for $300+.)

I didn't see any futons selling on cl that I really liked, so I posted a "wanted" ad just for fun. Tonight I picked-up a futon of better quality and better looking than my old one for only $60. The seller even threw in a matching side table and helped load and deliver it.

Just more praise for cl.

grace said...

Anon: Hey! Is that who I think it is??? Done any REAL surfing lately? very curious here....

Norm!: Thanks for sharing your success story. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - not who you think it is. Not a surfer. Just an admirer of junk. I swear I could spend all day looking at just stuff.