Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogging Funk

I apologize for the recent blogging funk. Please say you've noticed. ;)

Maybe if I write about it my creative juices will flow again....or maybe it's just my willingness to be transparent about some of the current happenings of my life. There's a "teaser" for anyone interested.

The puppy has captured my heart. He is absolutely a joy and a pleasure. I'm loving training him, and he's doing really well with it. He loves to run through the leaves in the our little back yard; his ears flapping behind him, tail wagging, and short stubby legs carrying him in short, swift leaps. I'm getting a digital camera for Christmas from my I PROMISE to start posting some pictures after Christmas. I'm looking forward to that.

The divorce proceedings are sort of at a standstill right now. There are a few things in the paperwork I'm unsure of, so I need to have it all looked over by a professional. For some reason, and it's not because I'm stalling about getting a divorce, I just keep dragging my feet on that. I just don't feel like dealing with it, and yet, I need to deal with it and get it all going. I wish there were a lawyer who read my blog who could come down here and help me with all this crap!!!! *big wink to my buddy Robert*

I live on a busy street with one long row of duplexes that ALL look exactly alike. Aside from the fact that one set is painted sherbert coral and another baby mint green...thank the LORD we got a regular offwhite one, it's very difficult to remember exactly which house you actually live in . But not anymore. I'm the winner of the Christmas lights and display contest that we didn't have on our street. :)

Hope all is well with you and yours.

love and grace,

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Peterson Toscano said...

puppy photos! We want puppy photos!

Steve Boese said...

Hey Pam...

The Christmas lights sound great!

I like to read folks who are being where they're at, not trying to entertain.

Anonymous said...

Extreme Christmas decoration photos is what I wanna see! Have you decorated the puppy yet? :)

Christine said...

Christmas lights photos! Puppy photos! And yes, decorated puppy photos would be good too. Or you could snap a pic of the puppy being trained in front of the house with the lights on? Satisfy all of us at once?

Have my sis run over and take a photo. I know she has tons of free time. ;) Although I bet my boys would love to see that puppy...J (the 3-1/2 year old) asked me today if I would drive over to his house after lunch and come play with him. If only it were that easy, then I could see you, the lights, and the puppy too!

grace said...

Peterson: I KNOW!!! We must have them! I'm so nutso over this's ridiculous. Hope you are having a fun time...wherever this finds you!

Steve: Thanks Steve...I always appreciate your affirming words and your gentle spirit.

Joe: Oh...let me tell you, they had the cutest little Santa suit for doggies at took every bit of budgeting restraint I had not to buy it!

Christine: I do need to see if she can bring those boys over here. I'd love to bake Christmas cookies with them and give them time for a date.

love to all of you!

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Hey Pam, I'm sure my sis would love to loan you the kids for a bit. But it's also such a busy season....I just know she has a digital camera and would be happy to bring it over and snap a few photos for you. :)

Anonymous said...

My ears must be burning....did someone mention something about sending us on a date?!?!?!? HA!

Would love to come see your new place (and puppy!) with digital camera in tow, if you'd like... just let me know!