Tuesday, December 26, 2006


No Dear.....THIS is SCARY! No eyeliner needed.
I hope you're using some sort of mask every week...you know it's an essential component of your skin care regime! heehee! I love you Jay!
*this post is a response to jay's comment on my last post...
i'm so gonna LOVE having this camera!!


Jay said...

Sweet Mother of Mercy! (Picks himself up from the ground after falling out of his chair).

Good night, girl! I thought we were trying to turn some gay men straight here. Pics like that will have the opposite effect! ;) (Just kiddin' y'all. You know I don't care about turning anybody into anything).

Oh well, you just wait till I get my camera back up and my computer off dial-up. We'll have some fun times then. Happy Holidays!


grace said...

ha ha...good one..."turning gay men straight"...that's worked so well for me! LOL

I am totally laughing, okay???

I can't wait for our coming "digital picture wars". Let the games begin!

kurt_t said...

Stop Pam! You're scaring the puppy!

grace said...

Kurt: You know, you have a point there...I think the little guy was a bit timid when he saw me at first like that...but then, as it turns out, I think that stuff actually must taste decent...he was undettered from licking my face by it!


Timothy Kincaid said...


Great to have a face to go with the name... OK, maybe not that one!

But honestly you look as sweet as we already know that you are


grace said...

Thanks Timothy! You have a blog!!!
I've already added you to my bloglines......I'm going to want you in with my blogging friends as well...I'll comment over there as soon as I have time to really read it....busy right now getting all the Christmas stuff out of the house...must stay focused!


Anonymous said...

In this case, I think we will take the thousand words instead of the picture.

Timothy Kincaid said...

Yeah, I guess I kinda do. I really only post something on there if I've been thinking about it and don't want to lose my thoughts but it's something that isn't overly relevant at Ex-gay Watch.

I don't know how current I'll be keeping it. But thanks for noticing. :)

Robert said...

Hee, hee,

Looks like someone's working the new digital camera that Santa brought! Nice, clear pics too!

grace said...

anonymous cf: hmmm....well...i'll bet i'm not far from the 1000 words with you already! ;)

Timothy: I'll add you.

Robert: Thanks....what about "your beauty is so astounding I wish I were straight!" where's that comment????

Christine said...

Holy crap!!!


I am just not sure what to say to that. ;)

em said...

Now this is the Pam I know! ;-) I think this camera has created a monster, though!

grace said...

Em: Ha! I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment to my spunky sense of self-effacing humor and over-all good nature.

love ya!

Robert said...

Dang!!! Your beauty is so astounding -- shucks -- I wish I were straight!!! LOL!! ;-D

grace said...

*big sigh*
Thank you Robert....all is right with the world now. :)