Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting Through Christmas

This scripture just keeps popping out to me share it. Maybe it will encourage someone else as well. The holidays, overall, are going well. I'm staying busy and I'll leave here and spend some time with my parents tomorrow. I just don't think about past holidays, it's not a very healthy thing right now. Just gotta stay in the moment and enjoy the fact that I'm alive and growing (hopefully) for yet another Christmas. I'm also REALLY looking forward to that digital camera my parents are going to give me! (I'm so bad!)

2 Corinthians 4:8,9

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body."

My hope remains that through all of this, and even in my sarcastic nature of a wit, I will continue to reveal the life of Jesus in my body. Even though I can't do it perfectly, like He did, I can keep trying.

Merry Christmas!

love and grace,

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FeatherIron said...

the grandmother that raised us till we were teens died on New Years Day 3 years ago and my paternal grandmother died on Christmas Eve 5 years ago so this time of year is such a mix of emotions. I really do tear up thinking about the gift of Christ and His grace that we celebrate at Christmas. I also get sad and yet happy when I think of my dear grandmothers,the lives they both lived and how much I miss them.

I pray you have a great Christmas filled with happy memories and hope of a new day.

Christine said...

"I'm also REALLY looking forward to that digital camera my parents are going to give me!"

So are we, Pam. So are we. ;)

I'll definitely be thinking of you and yours this Christmas. There's no way around it - it's just hard. I'm really glad you will have so much support.

You are loved.

Norm! said...

I hope you can share your digital photos on Flickr*. You can even set-up Flickr to automatically post blog entries.

Merry Christmas!

- Norm!

* unpaid endorsement

grace said...

Carole: Thanks...and the very SAME to you!

Christine: Yeah, at the end of the day sometimes, it just sucks. But still....there's another day and it will be okay. You have a Merry Christmas as well!

Norm!: Now are always doing this to mention some nifty internet technical thing...and then leave me to my own devices to try and figure it out!!! I'll do my best. ;) I'm still trying to figure out how to italicize words in a comment to a post like you often do! *geez*

love to all,

Peterson Toscano said...

photos! digital camera! Will it have video too! You can become a vlogger. Pam the vlogger. Has a nice ring to it.

Merry Christmas to you too. May you feel embraced by love and friendship. I send you warmest wishes from wintery Scotland.

kevin beck said...

Pam...your name is Pam. I have always called you Grace! HA! Maybe I should read a bit closer. Sorry about that. Gosh, now I'm embarrassed.

Maybe I called you Grace because you reveal love and grace so clearly. A freudian slip of sorts.

Merry Christmas!

greg622 said...

hi pam! thought i would reply on your blog. i have thought about blogging, but to me it is a little like dancing naked - very vulnerable! your offer was tempting though! ha! have fun with your camera. you're so creative i know it will be put to excellent use. i am thankful for you and hope this christmas will be filled with unexpected blessings and joy.

grace said...

Peterson: I'm thinking it will just be still photos...but...I could do a bunch really quickly in a row and you could print them out then then flip them really fast to make it move??? How's that?? Pam, the xylotrope blogger. (is that what those things are called, i didn't look it up, just relied on my annoying memory of abscure facts)

Greg: Ok...fine then. Could you at LEAST start commmenting more regularly on MY blog if you're not going to start your own??? LOL

love to all,

Kevin: Oh you bad are showing how VERY "out of it" you are in the land of willful grace! For shame! :) I'm laughting...and it's no biggie. Losts of people still call me grace even though I really DON'T live up to that name...but thanks, anyway!

grace said...

duh...meant "obscure" facts up embarrassing for the English teacher...oh well...i only have to be challenging enough for 7th graders! hehe! (that's SARCASM in case anyone who might for any reason evaluate me professionally happen to ever read this!!)

Kathy said...



May the love of our Christ overflow into your heart these Christmas Season days!

In His love, grace and mercy


Joe said...

Pam, thanks for being such an Internet inspiration/sensation this year. I'm off to midnight mass in hour - you and your boys will be in my prayers. Have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year.