Monday, November 27, 2006

Short Update

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was a good visit with my mom and dad and I even decorated their house for Christmas before we came back home on Saturday. I've been working like a fiend ever since, getting all my things set up here. You may or may not recall, that Tdub and I were both EXTREME Christmas decorators. Neither one of us has room, at this point, for all the Christmas stuff we have, even when divided between us. We've passed things back and forth, very amicably, and, as far as I know, there's been nothing either of us "took" from the other without consent and certainly not in any sort of malcontented spirit. The division of property (*don't worry, Dr. T., I'm not going to talk specifics) has gone quite smoothly the entire time. I may be wrong in my estimation of the situation, but, it sort of seems to me that Tdub is so ready/longing for a "new" sort of life, that he has not been at all fussy about bickering over "things" that in his estimation seem to represent the "old" life. I could be totally off-base with that certainly appears that way. Which is fine....I mean, it has to be, right? It's just the way it is.

Gotta run for now. Just wanted to hit the high points here for a minute.

love and grace,

*note: i asked dr. T (months ago) to let me know if I'm getting "too specific" about divorce stuff on the blog....which everyone knows is an unwise thing to do even IF you are divorcing amicably.

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Robert said...


Thanksgiving was good out here in California too!

As to "specifics", I can understand what Dr. T says. I also think that most peeps into your blog are constructive to both you and Tdub and want the very best for you both and for your sons as well.

Bill said...

Sounds like some good advice from the good doctor. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was very relaxing here on the right coast.
God bless you,

Christine said...

So glad you had a nice thanksgiving...

And glad the division of stuff is going well, even though I can't imagine the hurt.

So are you one of those people that triples their electric bill in the month of December?

Thinking of you ((((hugs))))

grace said...

I agree. I'm glad you had a sunny's currently SNOWING here which is sort of neat...but is RUINING my training of the new puppy!!!!! AUGH! We were doing so well until this.

Good, as always to hear from you. I'm ready for a little "down time" with the break....I want to submit some writing for Dee's approval.

Your such an empathetic friend. It's no wonder you are so involved in the causes you take are better at "sensing" and "taking on" the hurt of others than just about anyone I've come across. And...well....MAYBE my electric bill goes up.... ;) ..... is that a problem????
(((hugs))) backatcha!

love and grace,

Kathy said...


At the suggestion of our mutual brother in Him, Bill - I've been reading your blog for a coupe of weeks, trying to catch up on its content and praying for your comfort and continued recovery from this great emotional shock.

Having been there a couple of times myself, I can think of few more difficult happenings from which we try to recover than divorce. Under any and all circumstances, it is a long struggle and carries a long recovery period. I'm pleased for you to see you seem to be allowing yourself to grieve - to NOT like it - but also looking for God's working in your heart, comforting you through this time.

After this celebration season is over and we step into a New Year, maybe you'll allow me to break into your group a bit more - a very supportive group, btw, PTL!

My prayers are with you and all affected by this divorce - I also hate divorce, but it is a fact of life many times - sometimes the only fact for our continued growth in the LORD, strange as it may sound.

I'll continue to read and occasionally will chime in with y'all. May our Gracious God make His presence known to you every moment of this difficult time!

In His love, grace and mercy


grace said...

Thanks so much for your words of comfort. PLEASE...break in!!! :) I look forward to hearing more from you!
love in Christ,