Friday, September 01, 2006

*whew* long time no internet!

I can't access anything from school....blogger, hotmail, yahoomail....nothing. Which, as I've said before is probably for the best! :)

#4 and I have been absolutely SHOWERED with nothing but love, compassion,'s just been incredible. I hate it that I haven't had time to properly (and I won't ever be able to) thank everyone. So....I thank God from whom all blessings flow. (and Christine and Sis please know that my angel of hope is with me and so encouraging to me!)

We are currently staying in a guest house of which I can't begin to describe it's incredibleness. Although....I can't help but take this opportunity to play the "one of these things doesn't belong here" that we all used to watch on Sesame Street back in the day. (remember that part??? they would show things like an apple, a pear, a banana, and then a screwdriver and ask which didn't belong?) Here's my current version:

immaculate garden areas and pathways.....beautiful and customly decorated main house with MUCHO amenities.....fully-loaded guest house with attached horse stall in which horse can actually stick his head through a door-type hatch thingy if you open it(this is where we are currently living)......acres of land full of trees and horses.....dial-up internet

DIAL-UP INTERNET????? Who knew such a thing still existed???? I checked my email ONCE this week (at the main house) and decided that if dial-up is all there is....forget it, I just can't take it. I waited for at least 2 minutes (seemed like 2 weeks) to log onto blogger and post something.....then decided slitting my wrists was just NOT the thing to be doing right now. And so, I just walked away. I figure if I can give everything else in my life over to hard could internet access really be?

It's been fine.

I did (finally) get my wireless laptop (with brand new keyboard) back today so at the very least I can drive around and latch onto someone's connection like my friend Em does ALL THE TIME even though he, unlike ME, can actually AFFORD his own service! (hahahaha!!!) Sorry Em!

I've got lots to say, as you can imagine, and no time to say it. But I'm good. I'll be better. And God is faithful. One of the reasons I know this, is because of the other folks around me here and out there (in the virtual world) who continue to hold me/us up with prayer, kindness, and physical (as in monetary) support. Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him. (Job 13:15)


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Angie said...

Dial up. I feel your pain. Welcome to my world! Besides forking out about $600 bucks to set up satellite access for high speed, dial up is all that's available to me here in the sticks!

I was trying to watch a flick on you tube that a friend referred to me... I thought Jesus might come back before that thing uploaded.

Throckmorton said...

Been praying for you and Tdub, Grace.


Norm! said...

I'm glad your in a good place -- excluding dial-up. Thanks for checking in.

kurt_t said...

I'm having visions of Mr. Ed.

Let me tell you something, Grace. There is nothing better for growing root vegetables than stable scoopings.

I have some Yukon golds growing in a sawed off wine barrel that I filled up with some broken down horse manure and cedar shavings from when my friends lived on a horse ranch. They just grown and grow! And it's so easy to unearth them and clean them off because it's such a loose, lightweight growing medium.

Of course, when you're serving that beautiful garden salad to your city slicker friends, you don't want to go into too much detail about where the carrots and radishes came from.

Jay said...

I feel your pain! I'm back home right now for Labor Day weekend, which means my glorious high-speed Internet from college has been replaced by the dial-up, the only thing we can get since we live a mile off the road.

It's even worse because I have a ton of online assignments to turn in before Monday. Anyway, glad to see you're doing well, considering.

Ed said...

"kurt_t said...

I'm having visions of Mr. Ed."

That was really freaky because my email used to be mr_ed333 (hence lots of people called me Mr. Ed), and I was wondering what in the world would conjure up visions of me...

Broadband must be so fast for you guys out there (ie outside Aus); people always complain about how slow the internet is here and I guess it's true since I don't mind reverting back to dialup speed...(when I go over the download limit)

Christine said...

Grace, so glad you got it and are finding encouragement from it. I'll tell Sis. Hugs from both of us...

em said...

Hey - the only way to do Internet is the free way. ;-) Wandering around through residential areas is a great way to find a wi-fi connection whenever you're traveling. I am unashamed! ;-)