Sunday, September 03, 2006


Tdub has been out of town on business for the last 13 days. He returns tomorrow and we've talked off and on while he's been gone. The timing of the trip couldn't possibly have been worse, but I've come to the point where ranking the severity of good vs. bad scenarios is just pointless.

I made the big move yesterday. All my things, or at least the things I'm taking, save some hang-up clothes, are in storage. It's a 10ft. X 20ft. unit and it's packed from floor to ceiling. And God remains faithful.

I'm not sure exactly how it was organized; I'd just been told that there would be people to help and they were going to show up at the house at 9 AM Saturday morning. Around 9:15, there were 2 pick-ups, 2 SUVs, a car, and 8 people loading furniture and boxes into the vehicles. I decided that I'd better run to the hardware store and buy a lock before we were ready to transport the first load. So, I left and drove a mile or so to the store, bought a lock and returned. As I turned at the corner of our street my eyes widened, one hand left the wheel and went to my mouth, then I took in a deep breath and let it out with a quietly astonished, "oh my goodness."

The street, which is a full block long, was lined with pick-ups, trailers, and SUVs, more than half-way down the length of it and on BOTH sides! There were now 14 men and 7 women loading furniture and boxes into truck beds, flatbed trailers, and a covered trailer that looked almost as large as my entire storage unit. It took us only 2 hours and we resembled a small funeral procession as we were able to transport everything in one trip to storage.

I held it together emotionally, for the most part, until they started putting things in the storage unit. At that point, the tremendous sense of loss and the absolute heartbreak of it all, overwhelmed me and I began to sob. I started thinking about how I hated leaving things in chaos for Tdub's return. I'd had to empty his things out of drawers and put them in trash bags, and then, there was all the yuckiness that you uncover when you move things. I wanted to go back and clean all that up. Again, God was faithful and I had a trusted and admired brother/father figure to nurture me and talk me through that very difficult moment followed by prayers and hugs from my two best "soul" sisters. Afterwards, a few of us did go back, to sweep up and bring at least a bit of physical order to the place.

Having emptied all the car trunks, trailers, cargo areas, and truckbeds, one of our ministers (there were 3 ministers, 1 elder, and several deacons present) called for us to circle up and pray. Twenty-two adults and 4 children circled up and held hands in prayer. We prayed for me, the boys, and for Tdub. I'd say it was a moving experience but that would be just silly. ;)

Tdub returns tomorrow evening. I know the boys will be happy to see him. I'm still on the "one day at a time" plan and probably will be for quite some time.

We've been together, all 4 of the boys and I, this weekend in yet another house with a pool and hottub that was offered to us while the owners are out of town for the holiday. It's been great to have this time together and I've so enjoyed watching #3 and #4 going from hottub to pool and back again, chatting like little magpies the entire time. #4 and I will be back at the guest house tomorrow evening, moving forward with trying to reestablish our new sense of order and routine in our topsy-turvy world. We'll get there.

God is faithful.

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Inheritor of Heaven said...

It is so good to hear the support you had. Thanks for sharing this difficult time with us on your blog. I am sure it may well bless others going through similar circumstances.

Angie said...

I wish I could've been there to help... though it sounds as if I may have just been in the way! That was a beautiful thing to experience in the midst of your sadness.

It's such a pleasure to pray for you... for this time of redefinition in your life. I'm just so very glad that I know you.

Day by day,

Brady said...

Hey Grace. Glad to see you have so much support right now.

Just found out my mom has been reading your blog (she was my anonymous reader on my blog). We're both praying for all of you.


Christine said...

Grace, still in my thoughts. glad you have so much real life support.

kevin beck said...

You are an amazing person.

Blessings to you