Thursday, December 04, 2008


The most astute (or just those who feel extra pitiful for me) of readers may recall the occasion last summer when I thought I'd met someone with whom I was going to be "in a relationship". If you don't frequent MySpace or Facebook that term may seem odd, but it's not, it's just how those of us who are *ahem* internet savvy (code words for addicted to online networking) roll.

So, in order to avoid the complete and total disintegration of a relationship before one actually even exists, I've actually waited one ENTIRE week before announcing to my blogworld that I am indeed "IN" a relationship.


I am.

More later.

love and grace,

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kurt_t said...

So far so good. Now remember to wait at least six months before listening to ANY Tammy Wynette music!

grace said...

That's one rule I can follow!!

ReRe said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Pam.

Journeyman said...

WooHoo. I just closed my office door and did a Happy Dance in your honor. No joke! And keep a lid on it, but I just might be in one too.

Kat said...

Yay, Pam! I am SO happy for you!

Amanda said...


Yeah, I waited several months before mentioning I was dating on my blog after my divorce. There's alot about my marriage that didn't go out in public, so for me part of the fear also was that me dating would be seen as "too soon" or somesuch. But, uhm... no, wasn't too soon. Just saying.

Dating while blogging -- it can be a challenge!

Enjoy :D