Monday, December 29, 2008

More Online Dating Fun


This is probably rude and uncalled for...but...I can't help myself.


Be honest and faithfull. Take care cleaning the inside of the house because I will take care of the house duties. an actual headline that some man put up on his online dating profile.

I'm not kidding.

Where do we begin with this one?

Yes, faithful is spelled wrong. Does that mean it doesn't count?

And this man.....who winked at ME.....just wants me to know that as long as I take care cleaning the inside of the house, he will take care of house duties???? wha???

Sometimes it's just downright insulting to even be "winked" at. Ya know?

love and grace,

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Norm! said...

Yikes! Well, I would be thankfull that he so boldly expressed his ignorance.

My boyfriend and I continue to complain about the omissions and falsehoods in each others' online profiles (i.e. "Your profile didn't say anything about THAT!").

grace said...


i'm not the one who needs the help, John!

Bonjour Matey! said...


kurt_t said...

Oh. That reminds me. I never cleared that twinkie-infused Jell-O out of the fridge. When was that office party? Oh man. That is gonna be some scary looking Jell-O!

grace said...


Rarely do I find myself at a loss for a witty comeback...

I just can't stop smiling...

1)because you commented on my blog
2)because you are just funny

I'm in big trouble here. :)

ReRe said...

i gave you the lemonade award on my blog!

University said...
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