Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Post

I've been suffering from a bit of writer's block lately. I appreciate those of you who email me when this happens just to check in. That's so sweet. No, it's more than sweet, it's downright loving. And I love you back.

Remember that post I wrote a few weeks back about a new relationship? Yeah. That one. Let's just pretend I didn't write that one. But don't worry, it's okay. Just trust me on that. If I've learned one thing this year (and hopefully I've learned more than one) it's that dating and blogging don't mix all that well. I guess it's one thing to put the trials and tribulations of being married to a guy who's same sex attracted and eventually leaves you to come out as gay online for the world to see. It's quite another to try and "bare your soul" when you're navigating the world of dating. Mostly, because it's difficult to trust your soul at any given moment in light of the fact that you are just getting to know people. Not to mention the fact that there are OTHER individuals involved who also have souls that are in the same sort of flux. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Dating sucks. I do know this; being alone is better than being in a bad marriage. And if this is as good as it gets, so be it.

In other news, I am going to see all four of the boys during this holiday break. I will hopefully have pictures to post.

Until then, Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for caring and writing and COMMENTING (heehee).

love and grace,

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Kat said...

MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Pam! Have a wonderful time with all your boys!
Love, Kat

the_Tmac said...

Merry Christmas to you too!! Tell D I say hello!
I saw that you have a facebook now, I'm so about to go friend you so look out!!

the_Tmac said...

Ummm...I can't figure out which Pam Ferguson is you so maybe you should go friend me instead.

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas, Pam :) And I hear ya on the writer's block thing... sheesh, the time between posts for me is downright apalling compared to last year!

All things in time :)

Liz said...

to be honest, if I was dating someone who had a blog and they were putting the blow by blow online, it would make me nervous. Especially if I wasn't a blogger myself. It would feel the same as finding out that the other party was telling everyone else about OUR RELATIONSHIP before it really deserves to be called that. Except blogging puts it on steroids.... It might be good to wait to blog about relationships until they are extremely well established. Just an idea. Please don't take offense or anything.

grace said...

It's funny, because even though I haven't actually been dating anyone for any length of time so far, the couple of people that I have "mentioned" were really looking forward to being "mentioned". Of course, I've never posted anything without having them read it first, but both times, they were so flattered. it turns out, I've sort of decided it's best to just let things play out for a while before mentioning anything at all.