Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Other News...

Sorry for the lack of explanation of my recent outburst. I don't have anything more to add.

So, let's talk about something else.

School. Is. Great.

I teach six 50-minute classes of Reading and one 50-minute class called "Block". Block class consists of 10 or 11 students and we rotate groups every 6 weeks. My principal gave me some leeway in determining what sort of enrichment I would provide for students during my block time.

I chose theatre and my 10 kids and I are putting on a play. It's called, "The Odyssey-A Greek Play for Students." I am having an absolute blast with this. I intend to spend a good chunk of my weekend working on props and scenery and I'll post pictures soon.

A few evenings ago , I made each of my block students a mini-toga that drapes on over their clothes. I feared they might be shy about putting them on and walking around the school;
we make a little bit of a trek from my classroom down to the band room for rehearsals each day. The togas are not full length, but they are definitely toga-looking as evidenced by the band teacher who, passing by us on our first day out and about in our new duds, leaned toward me, put his fist in the air, and chanted quietly in my ear "toga toga, toga". Maintaining non-dork status is of utmost importance to 6th graders, so I had no idea how these costumes would go over.

Turns out, being in theatre block class seems to have become the latest cool thing to be doing at our school. We've transcended dork status and become "that thing Ms. Ferguson is doing that I'll get to do at some point and by the way when is it my turn?" I'm pretty sure I could dress the next rotation up as polka-dotted bunny rabbits from outer space and they'd be okay with it.

I love school.

Got to run for now. I have the back seat of my car crammed full with great big boxes I scavenged from the furniture store so that I can create a ship for Odysseus and a horse-drawn chariot for a couple of other characters. I'm in my element.

love and grace,

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Janey said...

I just started reading your blog. Looking forward to reading your blog posts. So far, it's been a blog to make me think more about extending grace towards others. That is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the theater block class is going so well! It must be great to be teaching the "cool" class like that.

I beg you, however, not to test your theory about polka-dotted bunny rabbits in space, though. Think of the children!