Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Musings

First of all, who picked China??? Can we not please next time have the Olympics at least on THIS side of the earth so that we don't have to stay up until ALL hours of the night to see the really good stuff?

Also, am I the only one who secretly cheers for the Chinese athletes simply because I'm afraid if they don't win someone might cut a few of their fingers (or maybe an arm) after everyone goes home??

Next time we have these things on the other side of town, we need to make sure that no school districts are allowed to start classes during the same week that this thing takes place. Think of the children. Please.

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Norm! said...

LOL! Yes, I especially hope those "14 year old" Chinese gymnasts have all their fingers.

I can't stand NBC's Olympic coverage. Can someone please muzzle Bob Costas and their other commentators? Can you imagine how annoying it would be to sit next to these guys at an actual sporting event?

Iain said...

I don't know about missing fingers but the business of the missing singer was what really sucked as far as I'm concerned. Here in the UK it was reported that the little girl who sang in the opening ceremony was not only miming, but wasn't even miming to her own voice!!! Apparently the little girl who actually sang wasn't deemed pretty enough to be shown on tv.

Well of all the ................. !?!?

grace said...

I KNOW!!!! We heard that as well. I can't wrap my mind around that sort of thinking/behavior toward children!

and yeah, Norm!, I've finally crossed the line into finding Bob Costas funny...not necessarily laughing "with" him though...just AT him...