Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Christine Bakke said...

Wow. (((((hugs)))))

grace said...

thanks soul sister!

Bonjour Matey! said...

Dogs get skunked again?

Iain said...

Sounds like extreme frustration at something pretty crappy that has happened. Would you like to tell us about it?

grace said...

Bonjour: Dogs not skunked. (good for you! we're even now on comments!)

Iain: Yes, frustration.

Ever see that movie, Groundhog Day?

Yeah. Something like that.

But, it still beats the livin' heck out of a bunch of other stuff I've been through. At least this does involve (hopefully) some sort of peaceful and/or happy resolution at some point.

Sorry. Can't say more.

kurt_t said...

Would it be insensitive for me to turn this post into Facebook flair?

grace said...

I knew you'd come through for me Kurt...you never cease to make me smile or laugh out loud!

Facebook flair would be a VERY theraputic way to deal with this!

you rock!