Friday, March 21, 2008

That Guy I Was Seeing

Ok, other than making sure the boys are okay and figuring out if I think homosexuals are "in" or "out".....(very tongue-in-cheek there if you didn't catch that)

I know the most burning question around here is..."What happened with that guy you were seeing?"

Well, he's still around. I just don't see him very often. He lives in OKC and besides a bunch of other stuff, he takes care of his two very sick and very elderly parents. He is a nurse (he was actually a doctor in China but the credentials aren't the same here)and between tending to his parents who are in and out of the hospital, taking more university classes, teaching some martial arts, and consulting for corporations who have dealings with China, well, the guy stays pretty darn busy. In case you missed this before, he's not Chinese, he just lived there for 13 years. Oh, he also speaks Mandarin fluently and translates old Chinese texts which apparently there's quite the market for. Who knew? It will be much easier to spend some more time with him after I move to that area.

Honestly, though, it's been very good for me to take it extremely slow as I meet someone, get to know them, and form a romantic relationship. As I've learned the hard way - don't we all - jumping into a relationship quickly when you still have open wounding is just plain stupid.

I'm also trying to be very careful because of the boys. They are all young and vulnerable in a way that's different from when they were toddlers. Daniel is 20, but the other three are now 16, 14, and 13. Those are extremely volatile ages for any family of children, let alone one that has gone through the turmoil that we've experienced. I'm finding it important to keep myself dedicated first and foremost to them and just be available. If I were to get all caught up in some whirlwind romance thing....well....I just wouldn't be as able to be tuned in to them the way I need to be. Sometimes I think kids go off the deep end simply because there's no one there who seems attentive enough to them to stop them. After two marriages and years of heartache and just plain CRAP, I'm determined to try and get this one part correct. I'm going to put them first no matter what.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to date this Chinese guy. (lol...i love calling him that!) I'm just doing my best to keep it in the proper perspective and keep things with the boys first and foremost in my heart and mind.

And that's all I have to say about that.
(the previous sentence is what 4th grade students like to call "a conclusion".....makes me literally crrrriiinge.)

love and grace,

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traci said...

That was funny funny. Thanks for the laugh. I thought maybe the advertisers were targetting you specifically (all I seem to get are ads from people who can't spell Obama's name but want to convince me he is Satan incarnate)...but nope, I get the vasectomy offer as well.