Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Da Boys

We're having a lovely time here at Casa de Momela this week. (momela is one of daniel's nicknames for me....get it...pamela, momela?) I've basically let the boys turn the entire house into one big sort of hotel room. They have the TV from the living room hooked up in my bedroom because the XBox Live hook-up can reach it that way....and they are all three "camped out" in there still asleep after having stayed up until all hours battling it out at some game against other kids from who knows where.

Zach seems great. We'll see. I've had several small talks with him, as opposed to one great big long one, and he knows that he has a home here if it comes to that point. That point could have come during this Spring Break, but he wants me to talk to Tdub about giving him one more chance. His biggest issue at this point is that he keeps skipping classes at school. Amazingly, his grades are pretty decent. But, he's got a job and of course all his friends that he would be very sad to leave behind should he end up making the move to Oklahoma. Selfishly, I'd love to have him here. We'll see. I'm 95% sure at this point that he'll go back home to Granbury at the end of spring break. Hayden, as always, is his usual all's-right-with-the-world self. That kid is just incredible in his resilience and attitude. Drew. I write more about him individually than any of the others. For one thing, he's here. But more than that, he tends to be the most "quirky" of the four. (might be that he's his mother's son)....anyway. Drew is Drew and that's that. He has been very very happy to be with his brothers this week. Actually, they've all been so great together that it's almost scary. I'm sort of expecting the bottom to fall out and a big row to ensue at any moment.

I know alot of you who read this are friends who actually know real've lived and worked and worshiped with us. So, I know you like hearing updates about the boys and that you continue to pray for all of us. I do value that. I also know that alot of you who are virtual friends email me now and then to check on them because you've come to care about them even though you've never met them. That means alot as well. More than you probably know, actually.

These boys are doing well. It's been, and continues to be, a difficult road for them but they know that their hope and foundation is in Christ. I know that they know that.

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Ally said...

You're a great mom, Pam.

Er...Momela. =)

grace said...

Thanks Ally! :)

David said...

Glad to hear of the relative goodness and improvement of things with the kids. Hoping there's no "bottom" to fall out of this one. :)

Anonymous said...

Momela! I like it! Glad the boys are having such a good time. Of course, it sounds like you're enjoying it, too. ;)

-- Jarred.