Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Pictures

Remember last Christmas? I received the awesome digital camera from my parents. I've had more fun with it than I can tell you. My parents generously included a 2GB memory stick and I tend to fill the thing up over several months time. Here are some random shots with rambling to accompany them from the last few months.

Back in October, we took our 4th graders to a Chickasaw Indian Festival. There were craft booths, displays of historical artifacts, traditional Indian games, and even tastings of traditional Indian foods. This is a shot of me with the llama from the animal petting zoo. I found it odd when I first arrived here in Oklahoma that the word "Indian" is thrown around as if it's an okay thing to say. Back in Texas, were were taught to refer to Native Americans only by that title. And then, I arrive in the "land of the red man" and find that the red men and women refer proudly to themselves as Indians. Go figure.
I like this picture of Sparky. He's my man.

Speaking of "my men,"
here's a shot of Drew decorating this year's Christmas tree.
One of my very favorite ornaments.

A shot from the kitchen into the living room. I love Christmas decorating!
My baby.

My Aunt Judy raises dachshunds. I want another one!!! I don't have a red one, after all. The voice of reason and restraint controls the fact that I don't have $100 lying around to spend on one....not to mention shots, feeding, etc...

This is one of my new best friends here in Oklahoma. We spent a fun day a few weeks ago making gingerbread houses.

Merry Christmas to all!
love and grace,
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kurt_t said...

Christmas is almost here! And, frankly, Pam, I'm getting all the mileage I can out of it.

The kid started acting up in public this afternoon, and I actually grabbed the cell phone and called Santa. "North Pole? This is Daddy Kurt. Can you put me through to Santa please? I have some naughty behavior to report. Yes, I can hold."

Does that make me a bad person?

grace said...

with the exception of anything illegal...or knowingly illegal anyway ;) child-rearing motto has always been "whatever it takes"

I say go for it! One really great thing to do is to get a friend with a deep voice who knows lots of facts about him to give him a call as the big "S" man. You see how far I've been willing to go with the whole Santa bribe thing!!

I can't wait to hear about your Christmas morning!

grace said...

p.s. kurt....that comment sounds like it would have made a great little post of it's own...if you didn't do that because i'd just posted today...hey...don't worry about that! post at will!!!!

kurt_t said...

OK, well, maybe I'll do a Christmas morning post. I'm really curious to see how the kid behaves when the Naughty List is no longer hanging over his head like the Sword of Damocles.

Robert said...

Great photos! Merry Christmas, Pam (and Sparky, and Emma)!

seithman said...

Great pictures, Pam. I hope you, your family had a blessed Christmas. Same for Kurt and his family, as well as all your readers.