Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back Home

It was a refreshing week for me in Oklahoma, the homeland. There was an eerie difference to the visit; looking around with the eyes of a daughter returning home after 21 years as opposed to another typical visit with the folks.

I visited most of my old school haunts. Sadly, the junior high where I attended 7, 8, and 9th grades was being demolished. I'm not surprised since it was decrepit 30 years ago when I attended. I visited the new and much-improved Middle School built to replace it on the opposite side of town. I found one of my classmates working in the office there and had a nice little catch-up conversation with her.

The eeriest visit of all was the one back to my old high school. It's exactly the same as it was all those years ago with the exception of all the changes in personnel. One of our school counselors is now principal, and one of my classmates is one of the vice principals. They have an opening for a journalism teacher, and I believe I would thrive in that sort of position. The possibility of being a teacher at my high school alma mater is exciting to me. The fact that it's exciting tells me a great deal about where my journey has taken me in the past several years. I'd never have imagined that moving back home could sound so enticing. And yet, it does, and I'm ready for the move.

God is faithful.

love and grace,

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em said...

Yes, but what about poor Texas that you would be leaving behind? Oh, and the people??? Don't get so excited so fast! At least feign a little sorrow. ;-)

That does sound exciting, though!

Ally said...

So glad you had a nice break, deserved it! =)

kurt_t said...

When I was in grade school, they built an additional wing on the school to accomodate all the kids. (This was in the late '60s, and my Baby Boom peers and I represented the fattest part of the "pig in the python.") Well, I went back to my old neighborhood about five years ago, and not only had they knocked down the old part of the school, they'd knocked down the new part of the school too. The part that I'd seen built!

I think that was the day I became an old fogie.

I think you'd be a GREAT journalism teacher!

Jay said...

My brother came home to teach at his old high school after he graduated from college (the same college I'm at now, and also the same degree I'm working towards, go figure).

He taught English for several years and then became Vice Principal, just in time for me to start my 9th grade year there. I know his and my life have seemed to run parallel so far, but I doubt I'll ever be a VP, much less return to my old high school.

But then again, you never know... God bless you, Pam.

grace said...

Em: Maybe you can come for a visit while we're still here???? :)

Ally: Thanks girl! Maybe I can meet you and your family before we leave.

Kurt: Good to see you!! I was afraid you'd fallen off a mountain or something on your latest hike! Thanks for your vote of confidence and I love the "pig in the python" metaphor!

Jay: I'd have never ALL that I'd be willing, much less excited about this. You really just never know. Thanks for hanging out and being supportive Jay! :)

Ally said...

I hope so, Pam...that would be wonderful!