Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday #3

#3 is 13 years old today. This means that in another 8 months Tdub and I will be residing with 4 "official" teenagers. Heaven help us!

#3 is probably the child of the 4 who gets the least "air time" from me. It's not because he's a problem, it's really quite the opposite. He is the child who is, overall, the easiest to communicate with and manage. He has a heart of pure gold and tends to take things very literally. He's the one who gets the virus in your computer because he was just CERTAIN he was going to get a free DVD player after jumping and clicking through all the necessary hoops. He's a tad trusting, as well.

This baby's momma left Tdub when he was only 18 mos. old. Tdub tells the funniest story about potty training him. He says he held him tightly, looked him square in the face, and said "(H), YOU HAVE TO DO THIS." And it worked. He was potty-trained at 18 mos. old. That's pretty early for a boy. I'm certain this kid would do just about whatever Tdub asked when it gets right down to it. He's a "daddy's boy" in the sweetest sense of the word.

One of the other attributes of #3 that makes him so awesome is his love for #4. You know a bit about #4 if you've read here much. He's our "baby", the OCD, more sensitive and downright moody child of the bunch. Very difficult to deal with at times. And yet, #3 seems to have the patience of Job at times with #4. #3 absolutely loves him(#4) in spite of how ruthless and mean he can be. #3 is such a blessing in so many ways to #4 and it's my prayer that as they grow to adulthood this will become apparent and their relationship will deepen.

#3 is a great athlete. He's not just good at sports, he is motivated to do whatever it takes to get better. He's the one who got up at 5:30, any day that Tdub would take him, to go to the health club and work out during the last school year. We were shocked in the beginning, and I still wonder how much of the motivation is toward sports and how much is his desire to please Tdub or even just spend time with him. Either way, it's not typical behavior for a 12 yr. old and it's admirable.

He's just a really neat kid.....uh.....wait.....teenager.

Happy Birthday to #3! I thank God inside every time I hear you call out "Mom" to me.


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em said...

Teenager - hard to believe, huh? Very fun to celebrate one more year past and another to come... with all the craziness that is sure to follow. Congrats to you and TDub on getting one more into the teens!!! :-)

grace said...

Thanks Em! We will continue to appreciate your friendship, and offers to come and knock some sense into them from time to time as we go along!