Wednesday, August 02, 2006

End of Summer Addiction

For those of you who haven't read everything I've written here, I'll remind everyone that we don't have television in our home. Mind you, we have a TV, several actually, but we have no cable with which to view actual shows on the televisions. The boys do have video games and, seeing as Tdub is a complete movie fanatic, we do own, rent, and watch lots of movies. We've continued to find more reasons NOT to subscribe to cable TV than reasons to go ahead and do it. We think it's been good for our family. I won't preach about it. And I'll even add that our children are certainly no less "wordly" acting than other children. (as if this were a concern) I'm just saying that it's not as if we're Amish and our children go around wearing knickers, button-up white shirts, and bow ties. Far from it. I can't imagine how much more "worldly" our children could look, or at times act, if we DID have television. Scary thought. I'll just leave it at that and move on.

For the second summer in a row Tdub and I have become semi-addicted to a television show that's out in DVD format. Last year it was "Arrested Development". We went on a two week "Arrested Development" frenzy toward the end of the summer and had the best time with it. We'd watch show after show, staying up way past Tdub's bedtime, even repeating some of them just to catch various nuances that we'd possibly missed before. We laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed that show. The DVD versions are also nice because you can watch mounds of shows with no commercial interruptions and no waiting an entire week for another show to play. Why take away small bits of valuable time (which you could use for surfing the internet) once a week during the regular TV season when you can blow an entire two weeks worth of nights in one fell swoop at the end of summer? At least that's our philosophy.

This summer our addiction has become "Lost". We are two discs away from viewing the entire first season. Two discs that we have a "date" to begin watching around 9 o'clock this evening. I can't wait! This show is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen and I LOVE IT!!!!! :P They keep bringing in all these different weird events and leaving us hanging, way out on a limb at the end of each episode. It's insane. But we can't seem to get enough of it. I honestly don't think I'd be able to get into a show like this on a weekly basis. I'd be way to frustrated by some of the stupidity of it. But, watching it in great chunks on a DVD is highly entertaining to both of us.

DO NOT SPOIL anything for us if you watch it and are going to comment. Although, I'm much more inclined to enjoy spoilers than Tdub. ;) He gets so mad at me when I go online and find info. about the show. He's also one of those who refuses to open ANY presents until Christmas morning. We're so different that way. If you watch it, do comment and let us know what you think.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club :P

I bought season 1 of Lost on DVD on the recommendation of a friend and was hooked instantly. The intricate story and great ensemble cast make some truly compelling entertainment.

Unfortunately I got so hooked I had to download episodes of season 2 just to get caught up. Soon after, one of my regular Thursday meetings would devolve weekly into "Lost discussion time" where we'd swap theories and observations on the show. All I have to say is, you won't be able to stop when season 1 ends! It's killing me that season 2 isn't out on DVD yet...

grace said...

After last night's viewing we only have one more disc of Season 1 left to watch...tonight. Can't wait! But we got started late and were up until almost 1:30 watching last night! *goodness* We're just at the part where Boone died and the new baby arrived. It's so good! :)

When does Season 2 come out??? Our oldest son has a friend who's getting them online but I'd much rather see them on the TV than the computer.

OH...we appreciate your affirmation and support of our addiction! Have you ever seen Arrested Development? ;)


grace said...

OH...and anonymous...this part of what you said...

"The intricate story and great ensemble cast make some truly compelling entertainment."

Tdub has said these exact same sorts of things about it. :)


Dannybrou said...

The show will continue to get better...just wait..

let me know if you have any questions... the show is amazing!

grace said...

Oh Danny! I'm dying to know if we can REALLY trust John Locke...tdub and i both really like him but Jack seems to distrust him.


Brad C. said...

(I'll claim that anonymous comment above. I don't have a Blogger signin but didn't realize I could just pick "Other" and type my name. Heh.)

I don't know when Season 2 comes out - usually Amazon has stuff like that on preorder weeks ahead of time but there's no sign yet.

You can find high quality HDTV rips (without commercials) of the episodes online. Even though I disagree with illegal downloading, I downloaded most of season 2 to watch on my Media Center PC (it sits in my living room so I can watch everything on my main TV). I'm already committed to buying the season 2 DVD's so I don't feel so guilty about it.

I'm STILL trying to decide who my favorite character is. I just wish more TV was made like this.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Love LOST!

You guys are watching it the way it should be watched. Back to back, without a lot of breaks in between episodes. One of the frustrating things about watching each week on network television is that they often space out the new episodes and you are stuck with reruns in between. Then it kind of looses its momentum and you forget some of the details (which are oh so important in LOST). ABC is suppose to be rectifing this next season.

Can't wait until Septmember. It really is one best shows ever. Well writen, well produced... so entertaining.

Jay said...

I liked "Lost", but I missed a couple of episodes and then I was completely confused. I think the title of the show can refer to the viewers as much as the characters :).

I know it sounds childish, but I stopped watching when they killed off Boone. Oh my goodness, if I didn't have a crush on him! Whew! (takes a few cleansing breaths). Oh well, it's probably better for me that he's gone now anyway ;)

Now I'm all about "Grey's Anatomy."

Anonymous said...

I got so bored with Lost after Season 1. In typical JJ Abrams fashion (a la Alias and Felicity), he does a wonderful job of creating characters and plotlines initially and then through overkill and confusion, just loses us. Notice how the ratings were killer the first season and fizzled comparatively in season 2 -- again much like Alias.

Now Grey's . . . I love that one. It's stayed solid for both of it's seasons, we can hope it does as well in season 3.


FeatherIron said...

Grace, "Lost" is our addiction too!! We don't have cable either, haven't for years but we can get the 4 local channels one which is ABC. Cable is such a time sucker, thats why we decided not to get it. We now are just used to not having it. (My husband has threatened to get it again due to NFL Monday night football now being on ESPN!)
I don't make time for ANY TV but LOST!! We even visit the spoiler/message web sites.
Is Sawyer fine or what? He's my favorite. Of course Dean loves Kate.

grace said...

Brad said: I don't have a Blogger signin but didn't realize I could just pick "Other" and type my name.

YOU Brad, are my new best friend!! hee!hee!

Jenny: These were my exact suspicions about watching it the way we are, in great long streams. Are onlly problem is we never get started until 9 or 9:30 and then can't manage to stay awake for more than 4 or 5 shows! We're not as young as we once were!

Jay: I did hate to see Boone go as well, we just lost him last night...and yeah...I can see where he's quite the eye-candy, no matter your sexual persuasion! ;)

FeatherIron: We have an old antenna that came with the house...Tdub has to stand on the roof, holding a piece of foil in one hand, the anetenna in the other, and do the splits...that way the boys can watch big games that come on broadcast stations! (i'm totallly kidding, but every once in a while, like for the UT game last season, Tdub can somehow get a channel to come in clearly. Till a strong gust of wind comes and then, poof, back to gray static)

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Like some of the others, I highly recommend Grey's Anatomy. It ranks a bit higher in my book than LOST. But my favorite? The Office.
It should be next summer's addiction!

grace said...

I've all ready added Grey's to our list, will add The Office as well! Thanks!