Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Etsy Shop

I created a willfulgrace Etsy shop. Right now, I only have a couple of figures of Sparky and Emma in there for sale. But, boxers and jammie pants are coming soon. I promise! In the meantime, check out my little clay figures.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pam, the link you posted will will only work for you. Your readers should try this one instead.

-- Jarred.

grace said...

Aww...thanks SO much Jarred for figuring that out!
I would never make it in this world without my friends looking out for me!

grace said... the way...i think i fixed it...could you try again and let me know if it works now?? thanks!

kurt_t said...

I had no idea you had such amazing pet sculpting talents!

Kat said...

Love your work! The pups are adorable, and the kids clothes make me wish I had a little girl!