Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've been working like crazy lately to dig my way out from under a big ditch financially. It's finally caught up with here and making (not kidding) just barely more in salary than I made as a first year teacher EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO in Texas.

I've put a permanent link to my little shop in my sidebar. Check it out. I've sold one custom-made dog, a blue-heeler. If you go to the shop you can see picture of him by clicking on the sold items link. A buyer in Alabama sent me pictures of him and I sculpted him from clay and painted him. I was so proud of him and so was she.

I've started getting calls for job interviews in the OKC area so things are looking up in that way. I'm hoping to secure a position by the end of May, then put things in storage and possibly live with my parents or an aunt and uncle in the city for the summer so that I can save some money. Getting a summer job wouldn't hurt either.

It's tough starting completely over at this age. *sigh* And yet, God is faithful and I remain blessed. Financially, moving to Oklahoma was a very stupid thing to do, but I am still confident that it was the right thing to do. Makes no's just the way it is.

Thanks for keeping in touch. I'm going to take the comments off of moderation because I can no longer release them by checking email at school. So.....let's all play nice...ok? *wink*

love and grace,

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Anonymous said...

I am not really a huge fan of what my mom calls "dustcatchers" but those little polymer clay dogs sure are cute to look at online !!! may I suggest a Boston terrier? they are VERY popular dogs and I bet you would sell a lot of them. there is a woman that goes to craft shows near here who sells bags and backpacks she makes of horse fabric. continuing on the doggie theme: I bet you would sell a lot of stuff if you find dog fabrics. The horse bag woman buys her fabric online. Good place to find unusual fabric. Good luck.

grace said...

I will definitely do a Boston Terrier! Thanks for the suggestion! Boxers are also kinda neat! I do have a "commission" for a Yorkie but I'm still waiting on a photo before I get started on it.

I love the idea of looking for doggie fabrics as well.