Thursday, April 10, 2008

More to Come...

Wowzers, I've had a bunch going on lately.

I've missed watching LOST two straight Thursday nights in a row because I've been traveling to OKC to attempt to get my OK driver's license. And I'm on my way BACK up there this evening for what will hopefully be my last go-round with the DMV first thing in the morning. It's not the testing that's got me stumped; it's the documentation. I'm vowing right here and NEVER....EVER....EVER....NEVER....change my name again.....EVER. On the bright side of all this, I've spent the last two Friday afternoons traveling around the City handing out resumes at individual schools. Hopefully, something will come of all this. If not, it won't be for lack of effort.

VERY SOON.....I will be posting pictures of custom-made WILLFUL GRACE jammie pants and
boxers. I also hope to have a paypal button. These will be one-of-a-kind with my personally designed logo affixed.

You know you've gotta have a pair!

love and grace,

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kurt_t said...

I love the logo, the concept, and the slogan!

Liz said...

you might want to check out etsy which is a store for handmade goods. There is a whole online community of crafters who sell stuff amongst themselves. Perhaps you might also want to look into making roll up cases for knitters and crocheters. A lot of them these days are liking homemade ones and also bags to carry their stuff around in as opposed to store bought.
I know you don't like me and don't agree with my opinions, but when I read your post here, I thought it would be rather mean spirited to not share something that I know could help you. I still disagree with you.
But good luck with your project.

grace said...

Did you delete your comment? I got it in email and now it's not here. Anyway....I'm sorry (really...for some reason I feel like you never take me as genuine but I am) that out of all that conversation we had last month you came away with the idea that I don't like you. I apologize to you for giving you that impression. It's simply not true.

Granted, you and I are not going to be the sort of girlfriends that go away on for a shopping weekend together (hmmm...wellll....maybe we could swing that...i do love to shop)....but...I don't dislike you. I don't understand you, but then, you don't understand me. We probably have a great deal more in common than either of us realize.

Basically, we've taken completely different courses within a similar journey. I still think we'll end up at the same destination, and the lovely thing is that at that time, we'll not only like each other, we'll be absolutely in LOVE with one another.

What I try my best to do is to live that way love you even if I don't agree with your opinions. I'm sorry that I didn't demonstrate love to you before. I really was trying.

Telling me about the Etsy shops is an act of love from you...and I am so very honored and appreciative that you would do so. It's so odd because I JUST found that website last night. And I think it would be a great way for me to try and sell some things that I make by hand.

Thanks Liz. I love your name.

I hope all is well with you and your family.

love and grace,

grace said...

Duh....I'm such a doofus.

I have to release the comments now that they are in moderation.

Sorry Liz! :)