Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unpacking Hope

Unpacking and setting up in a new place is full of reflection. It's been almost a year, but not yet a year, since the sudden demise of the marriage. Those were dark days last August, just as school was gearing up for my 18th year of teaching. In the beginning, Drew and I stayed with dear friends who've been like surrogate parents to me. While we were there a package arrived. The box contained an angel figurine, specifically, the one in front, holding the lantern.

It's titled "Angel of Hope". Christine and her sister sent it. I'd had plans to meet Christine in person, the weekend just before the bottom fell out. She was in town at the time visiting her sister who I'd met several months earlier in a little coffee shop on our town square. Unfortunately, the face-to-face meeting never occurred because I was in pitiful shape that weekend. And then, this "Angel of Hope" arrived for me in the mail a week later. It remains a heartfelt reminder to me, not only of the HOPE I have in Christ, but in the beauty of God's design which enables us to reach out and impact one another in significant ways during desperate times.

My friendship with Christine began through an email. Christine had read my blog, and then discovered that I lived in the same Texas town as her sister. At the time, her sister was struggling a bit with Christine's gayness, specifically as it related to how to go about combining her religious beliefs about homosexuality with her great love for Christine. B (C's sister) and I met and I knew immediately that I'd found a friend in her AND in Christine. There was the connection you get with people that only comes by the spirit. And it was there, and remains, even if I never see or talk with Christine or B face-to-face in this age.

B and I have each moved from that Texas town where we met. Christine has gone on to become a famous lesbian. ;) And, I still have hope for things to come and a little figurine to remind me of connections made here that are eternal.

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Norm! said...

It's great to hear that you're settling in. Thank you for sharing your reflections on your life. You know, since tracking your blog, I now instinctively think of you whenever I hear the word "grace".

My boyfriend and I had an unpacking moment today too. He unpacked his beloved Mac at my place today.

Although we've been planning on his "shacking-up" with me for at least a year now, I was still a little nervous that it was actually happening. It was only about two years ago that I was sure I would be a lifelong spinster, so unpacking his stuff into my spinster pad is new territory for me.

Ally said...

This is such a great story, Pam! I love how God seems to work these little connections out.

Texas misses you! =)

Christine Bakke said...

Hey Pam,

I'm so glad my sis and I were able to send that to you. Our hearts were so heavy for you the whole time I was out there...and I know sis spent time in prayer for you, and I carried you in my heart.

So glad things are much more hopeful then they were during that bleak time.


Robert said...


That is a very cool story! I love objects that have a story to them.

Glad to see you are well!

grace said...

Thanks guys! I'll (hopefully) be back to more regular blogging in a few weeks. Now that my house is set up...it's time to get busy on my new classroom. woo hoo!

Jay said...

I'm glad to see that you're settling in and that you haven't lost the amazing hope that I've always admired you for. It's amazing how the Internet has brought people together. I am grateful that I found your blog. Knowing that there were people out there as graceful as you really helped me through some tough times.

Wow. All I had intended to say was that I was glad to see you were well. The rest just kind of came out on its own. You must just have that effect on people. ;)

All the best, girl.

Christine Bakke said...

Just thinking of you... :)