Thursday, July 26, 2007

Living Close to Nature

I hadn't decided yet to reveal which tiny Oklahoma town I've moved to, but this post makes it obvious so I may as well come out with it. There's a National Park here and it's so wonderful (not to mention offers superb photo ops) that I can't contain myself from sharing.

The park is called Chickasaw National Recreation Area. and it's in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The park makes me think of Kurt since his blog consists almost exclusively of pictures of places he's gone hiking/exploring/photo opping. Seems like I'm frequently giving blog love to Kurt of late, but hey, he's a great blog friend and his infrequent posts and picture captions often crack me up.

Anyway....this place is awesome! I had a friend down this week to visit and we took the pups walking in the park on two occasions.

The park is full of trails, waterfalls, and places to swim or just wade around and cool off. I love it and plan on spending a good amount of time there when the weather cools off a bit.

Happy Summer to all of you! Mine will be over in only TWO weeks! I report to my new school on August 8!

I'll post before and after pictures of my new classroom soon. I'm still working on the "after" part.

love and grace,

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Pomoprophet said...

my school starts up the 8th also. What kinda school has 2.5weeks of inservice??? Apparently mine does. But atleast mixed in those weeks of inservice are our 4day football camp and 2 day teacher retreat to Tahoe. so its not THAT bad. Plus we have a brand new building we get to move into so that will take alot of work. Enjoy the end of your summer!

grace said...

Hey Pomo! Our students arrive for their first day on the's 4 days of inservice for us. 2.5 weeks of inservice??? yikes! I'd be getting myself into trouble for sure with that much time spent "listening" to speakers and such. Here's a way to pass the time...figure out what the current "buzzword" is in your district and then invent a game for you and your buddies to play based on that word.

Jarred said...

What a lovely place!

David said...

Hey Pam. That looks like a really neat park. I actually have a lot of family on my dad's side in Oklahoma - they're from (though not necessarily still from) slightly more east, the Ada/Coalgate area.

You report to school pretty soon then. Enjoy your last little bit of summer! :)

kurt_t said...

Now I want to travel blog in Oklahoma!

I haven't blogged since the cat died.

I'll blog when we scatter her ashes, but first I have to figure out how to get this sarcophagus open that they've got her stuffed into. I swear it's worse than one of those childproof cough syrup bottles.

grace said...


Oh my! My dad graduated from high school in Coalgate!! We are probably related or something! Call me when you get back home so we can figure this out!

I would love it if you would travel blog here! I would fix you some meals for sure and if you didn't want to camp you'd have a place to stay! Maybe you could scatter your kitties ashes here???? It's a thought.

Pomoprophet said...

RYC, one of your fav books is "Velvet Elvis" and you say things like "While I do believe in absolute truth, I don't think there's very much of it. And I do think it's possible for something to be right for some and not for others"

Better watch out otherwise we'll start calling you PomoPam! :)

grace said...

LOL! I can probably live with that. ;)

Jonathan said...


My mom is from a little town not too, too far from there called Comanche. As a kid, I lived in Duncan. Still have lots of family in and around that area. I remember going to Chickasaw National Rec Area as a kid. Great memories! I hope you enjoy it there! Except for the tornado that blew our roof off (while we were inside), it truly was a great place!


grace said...

WOW! I grew up in Duncan! Graduated there in '81.

Jonathan said...

My dad, back in the day, was principle of Duncan Christian School. I went through there several years ago after my grandmother passed away. Small world!!