Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Family Update

I haven't updated on the fam in forever. I'll start with the youngest and work my way up....for reasons that will make sense later.

#4 Oh...#4! What a nut he is. To refresh your memory he is the OCD child of the bunch. Fortunately, for him, he's moving into junior high next year so a lot of that OCD behavior will blend right in for a few years. He "lucked out" and got moved into the youth group a year early (our school district is moving 6th grade up to junior high this year). This was a great blessing for us but sort of a bummer for #3 who lost out on getting to "move up" and be one of the cool kids all by himself. #4 is LOVING life as a youth grouper. A little too much at times in that he is often way to cool to speak to his mother and things like that. But, all in all, he's doing well.

#3 #3 is typically the easiest child to deal with. He's the most laid back and requires less maintenance over-all than the other children. Of course, you have to watch a kid like that lest he emerge in public wearing completely different shades of green....but hey, with this we can deal. He's all into girls and is insisting on inviting "only" 5 to his upcoming birthday party. I hate the idea of inviting girls at all and would almost agree to another sleepover if we could nix having them there. Almost.

#2 #2 enters high school this year. 10th grade. We are hoping against all odds that this will be the year that he actually attends school. Mind you, he's never missed a day, bodily, since kindergarten. But, somewhere during his 7th grade year he stopped actually going to school and in his mind he's been attending 10 minute social events interrupted by 50 minute classes. No one is more distraught about this than Tdub who received every award his tiny little school offered for being responsible, making good grades, and having school spirit. High school, for Tdub, was one long string of affirmations and he achieved them all. #2....not so much. Will be interesting to say the least.

#1 Awww....#1. How could one who once brought so much joy........? I'm not going to finish that. I'm believing this is just a phase and at some point, my #1 will emerge, frontal lobe securely in tact and working properly. I won't even begin to describe the torment my mind has gone through over #1. Here's just a TINY snippet of what we are dealing with. Last night, we let him borrow the car (the fact that he's car-less is just one of the ordeals we have going on). This morning, Tdub gets in the car and there's a 3/4 full Keystone Light Beer sitting in the cup holder. This disturbs me on so many levels that I think I'll make a list.

1. Keystone Light??? What depths has a child plunged to that he'd even consider drinking that sort of swill???
2. Leaving it IN THE CUPHOLDER! I mean, was he that drunk or is he really that stupid??
3. Drinking and driving.
4. Underage drinking.

Needless to say, #1 will be getting a ride for a while or just staying home....which seems to suit him way more than we'd like. He's supposed to start school down in Waco next month. We'll see how that plays out. He is getting no more assistance from us as far as helping him make arrangements, etc. *big sigh*

There's the update! Feel free to pray for any one of these causes as you feel led.



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Robert said...

Hi Grace!

I can relate to #4. Sometimes I feel like a 40-year old OCD case.

It is good to see that #3 enjoys being with girls. That "He-Man Women-Haters Club" mentality seems to be wearing off as it should for any boy past 12. Girls may be a distraction, but he will need to deal with the distraction in a positive way.

So #3 has decided that you and TDub are the most embararassing parents in the world? I thought that title went to my parents from 1976-79 (it was a four-peat!!). I guess my folks had to give up that accolade many years ago.

Hope #1 gets his act together. The half drunk can of beer was there for you and TDub to discover I am sure. Does #1 still have a girlfriend, or is that ancient history?

Hang in there you two!

Robert said...

oops . . . got #4 mixed up with #3 on the "parents are embarrasing" thing. Yeah, at his age you are going to get the silent treatment for a while -- at least around other kids.

grace said...

Hi Robert! No worries, I can't keep them straight either! ha!

#1's girlfriend is not ancient history....still very much a part of the scene. And I do really like her (as if that matters). *big sigh*

Thanks for popping in!

em said...


Well, best on dealing with #4! ;-) He needs a big dose of reality... seriously. ugh. It WILL come eventually; and it will hit him right in-between the eyes if he's not careful. eek

As for the rest, thankfully they are going through the less-painful-normal-stages! hehe

Hang in there!

grace said...

Hey Em! I know you mean #1 in that comment...haha! It was just so much easier when you could give the dose of reality with a this, don't do that. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be learning through this right along with him. it's TOUGH!!!