Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's VBS week. With much help from others I turned our church parlor into an undersea coral reef by painting big murals on blue butcher paper. It's pretty cool, I guess. (that's my Napoleon Dynamite impression)

Tdub and I are in charge of an activity for tonight and we've done (well, tdub did it) something every kid would dream of doing in your church auditorium. Our church has these connecting chairs instead of pews so that you can arrange it in various ways. Tdub has created a giant maze (like a hedge-maze but with sturdy upholstered chairs) . Several different openings converge at a gigantic banner with a humongous red X labeled "x marks the spot" and then, "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21". Many paths result in dead ends. They can run through the maze multiple times from various entry points and each time they make it to the X they get a "gold" coin that has a little picture on one side and a scripture reference on the other. Fun fun. At least that's our intention. We're encouraged by the fact that our youth pastor had a bit of difficulty making it through, which could mean absolutely nothing about the children's skill level regarding the maze. (hehe!) We'll see. We'd like for it to be just challenging enough to provide 15 full minutes of fun before the next group arrives. We want to avoid at all costs the nightmare of down-time in the presence of 20 to 30 young children.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of the maze and the murals later.


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Nessie said...

Thats amazing! Its like being in Harry Potter. The idea of a maze is very very scary and adventurous.

kevin beck said...

Great stuff. VBS is always an adventure.


grace said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting nessie and kevin! We're just home from VBS and it was a great success. From the oldest group to the youngest they loved the maze. We had many from the youth group helping us and they seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as the kids. I think it would be great to use the maze for an actual service, the metaphor is so rich. But I'm pretty sure that won't be happening. :)

Thanks again for stopping by!


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

i wanna come do the maze!!!

grace said...

Hey Jenny! Hope you're having a good summer! I'm sorry to say the maze had to be put back into "roman style" seating straightaway to be ready for the regular wed. night crowd. (i love to call "roman" since we are probably not truly sitting as they did in the first century church! haha! and you'll "get" that! ;)

Oh...but it was fun....you and your boys would have loved it!

Good to hear from you!