Sunday, July 16, 2006

Everything Is Spiritual

We saw Rob Bell last Thursday night. If you are in or near one of the cities he's visiting through the end of the month.....GO! Just go. The lesson he's teaching is titled "Everything Is Spiritual". It's incredible. If it helps even one of you to spend $12 and 2 hrs. listening to him I'll add that in the venue we saw him in you could buy a beer or a mixed drink....and I think all the venues are like that. Also, the 2hrs. felt like 30 minutes. That doesn't hurt either.

That's the best I can do right now as far as a review. I'm still processing all of it. Oh....and know this; there is no heavy or light-handed emotionality to the event. Just a guy, walking onto a stage, in front of a giant whiteboard, and teaching. And it was riveting. There's no singing or altar call or anything churchy about it. That helped ME quite a bit since I don't care for frequent side dishes of manipulation offered when it comes to my spiritual food. I suspect it makes it more palatable for others as well. :)


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em said...

Yep, It was a very thought-provoking event. What I thought was really neat about it is that he's probably trying about as hard as he can to make the environment simple and straightforward. The point is just to start a conversation and deliver a clear message. That's rare in any event, Christian or otherwise. ;-)

At any rate, it was a refreshing way to look at the world and faith.

ableknife said...

in doing research on bell i have found numerous comments like your's about his tour. wish i could have caught one of the dates, but reading his work or watching a NOOMA may have to suffice for now. anyhow, thought i'd pass on a book suggestion while i was here since you are familiar with bell. it's by a pastor named Rick McKinley and called Jesus in the Margins. check it out! blessings~

grace said...

Em: That's a great word for it...refreshing. I certainly felt refreshed. And provoked to think more about my faith and how to excercise my spiritual muscles in God's kingdom come.

ableknife: Thanks for commenting! I don't remember you being here before and I appreciate it. I hope you do get to hear him eventually. Hopefully this particular lesson will come out in some other format than the tour after that's over. It's one I highly reccommend. And I'll definitely check out the book you suggested. Have you read "Velvet Elvis"? I've not yet but intend to. Thanks again!


David Roberts said...

"since I don't care for frequent side dishes of manipulation offered when it comes to my spiritual food."

I love that, can I use it? Right on the nose.


grace said...

David: Of course!
Hope all is well with you!