Monday, July 24, 2006

Thomas Merton

Kurt was telling me in the last comment section that I might enjoy Thomas Merton and I commented back to him that one of my favorite quotes (it's actually a sort of lengthy passage) is a Thomas Merton one. Thought I'd share it. This pretty much says it all for me.

"My Lord, I have no hope but in your cross. You by your humility and sufferings and death, have delivered me from all vain hope. You have killed the vanity of the present life in Yourself, and have given me all that is eternal in rising from the dead.
Why should I want to be rich when you were poor? Why should I desire to be famous and powerful in the eyes of men, when the sons of those who exalted the false prophets and stoned the true rejected you and nailed you to the cross?
Why should I cherish in my heart a hope that devours me - the hope for perfect happiness in this life - when such hope, doomed to frustration, is nothing but despair?
My hope is in what the eye has never seen. Therefore, let me not trust in visible rewards. My hope is in what the heart of man cannot feel. Therefore, let me not trust in the feelings of my heart. My hope is in what the hand of man has never touched. Do not let me trust what I can grasp between my fingers. Death will loosen my grasp and my vain hope will be gone.
Let my trust be in Your mercy, not in myself. Let my hope be in Your love, not in health, or strength, or ability or human resources.
If I trust You, everything else will become, for me, strength, health, and support. Everything will bring me to heaven. If I do not trust You, everything will be my destruction."


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chris said...

I just checked out a Thomas Merton book from the library. I hope it is as good as everyone says it is. I really enjoy reading Brennon Manning and Philip Yancey's work as well. I hope I spelled their names right. Oh well, they know who they are!!

grace said...

Hey Chris! I was looking for the other post you commented on to say "sure..I'd love it if you linked to me from your blog!"
We have one Brennon Manning book, "Ruthless Trust" that Tdub has read and is on my list of books to read. Haven't read any of Yancey's work yet. My list of books is SO long as I'm sure your's is as well!
Thanks for your comments!