Monday, June 12, 2006


While lying in a comfy chair between the beach and a pool today, accompanied by relaxing, instrumental music and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand, I did some thinking. The thought occurred to me of something that seems to lack consistency within the far right line of thinking in regards to sin prevention. Specifically, in regards to preventing homosexual acts of sin. This is just an example that jumped to my mind, but I feel certain I could probably think of others. However, the wind, the sea, and the music were begging me not to think TOO hard. :)

The far right seems to insist that the key to preventing gays from taking over society and destroying our culture is to convince the gays to change and be straight. That, and that gay relationships lack value and authenticity by working towards political ends which reinforce that thinking. (Honestly, I've decided that I have no problem with gay civil unions. Hate me, sue me, call me the anti-Christ. I just don't.) These same folks seem pretty thoroughly convinced that there are some basic deficiencies among gay folks that have made them gay. Most striking being the lack of a supportive, nurturing father and the presence of an over-bearing, domineering mother. (these, by the way, are part of Tdub's story, and, I might add MANY of the gays I know...particularly the father part) I was lying there thinking....the thought occurred to me to wonder why the far right, if they truly believe gayness is overwhelmingly caused by these factors, do not focus on prevention and go after all these straight dads who have screwed up their sons? Why not attempt to eliminate gays by going to the supposed cause of gayness rather than attacking gays? Wouldn't it make more sense? And who would that hurt....really? It wouldn't hurt anyone. Furthermore, they'd be focusing on "their own kind" so to speak and I'd think their voice would be much more readily heard and adhered to in that camp than it is by the way they portray themselves now with gay folks. At the very least, hopefully, the boys of the world could get better dads....whether they continued to turn out to be gay or straight.

Again...and as always...I'm just thinking out loud here.

much love to you all,
(one more day here, then it's back to reality!)


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Inheritor of Heaven said...

Very interesting questions. Thanks for thinking out loud. But why the heck are you writing it while between beach and pool? You should be in one of them.

grace said...

Hey Interior! Good to hear from you. Actually, I was just thinking about it while lying by the pool. :) Hope all is well with you.

Brady said...

How nice the vacation must be going, Grace.

You know, there are a couple of people on the right that have books or seminars about how to keep kids from being gay, but I agree, if being gay is "caused" by outside factors, you'd think they'd be all up in arms about ending the cause rather than attacking those people that were raised to be gay (so to speak).

I can tell you that when my dad spoke to an Exodus representative here and was told to look at what the causes might have been, he was none to pleased to have my gayness blamed on him (for the record, I don't fall into the overbearing dad/overloving mom category or anything of the sort).

When reading this post my thought was a little off topic. How is gay marriage/civil unions going to destroy our society. They make it sound like everyone is going to turn gay rather than (according to many right wing estimates) a portion of 1-2$ of the population is actually going to get married. Sorry so long-winded. Enjoy the rest of the vacation!