Saturday, June 10, 2006


Growth requires risk. It just does. Can't get around it no matter how hard you try.

During a pretty deep conversation we were having with our "family" friends here in Palm Beach the other night, Tdub shared his struggle with unwanted same sex attraction. No one dropped dead from least not at the news that he struggles.....but....there may have been a silent, yet collective gasp, at the fact that he was actually saying it, right out loud, in front of everyone.

I will never forget the time, several years ago, when we were going over to visit these same friends. (remember, this intimate group includes our gay friend who is also Tdub's boss) At that time, Tdub was barely into working on this journey, our marriage was still very fragile, and yet our faith was grounded completely in God and in continuing, come what may, with His guidance. On the way over, as Tdub and I were talking, I said, "You know, I believe that one day you'll be able to share all of this with *****." With a look and tone of sternness usually reserved for a misbehaving child Tdub replied, "I will never, ever, do that."

Growth. Risk. Come what may. That, to me, is what a life in Christ is all about.


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FeatherIron said...

Amen. Brave, honest and just what the world needs more of. Thanks.

em said...

:) I love you guys!

larry and faye said...

wow! i'm really overcome by you guys sharing with your friends about "the struggle". that is HUGE! keep walking in the light and bringing light into the dark spots that we all possess. thanks for your courage. you are loved!

Angie said...

Oh... what a privilege it is to comment below larry and faye. That's just classic. :-)

Grace and Tdub - your radical lives make me cry (and laugh until I cry!). I'm so thankful I found you both through this blog, and I share in your celebration of growth and freedom to share your life story!


P.S. I am through road trippin' and still working on getting caught up reading blogs! I'll try not to be such a slacker now that I'm home!

grace said...

LARRY and FAYE!!!! So so so so good to hear from you! Thanks for the ya! :)

Hey Angie! You're awesome....just totally awesome! love you so much!