Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer Fun

Since returning from the lap of luxury in Palm Beach it's been full-tilt "life as we know it" here at our house.

I willingly and gratefully kept my best friend's 3 young children (who are as a niece and nephews to me) for 4 days, have had a root canal, worked (painted) on a 4th of July float project for our VBS, consulted and am in the process of beginning to paint a child's room for a friend (basketball motif), and started a brand new work-out regime. Oh yeah....I also COMPLETELY cleaned the downstairs including mopping ALL the floors so that our dear friend Emery could visit us and not be completely appalled at the state of our house! :) Oh....and I didn't mention that we've had numerous and sundry boys/girls (teenagers) in and out of here who are constantly needing food and leaving doors open and letting stray cats in and generally trashing up and stinking up the place unless you stay entirely on top of them which I am not prone to do. *big sigh* Oh well.

We leave VERY early this coming Saturday morning for a mission trip with our Youth Group. We are taking the 3 younger boys and it will be the first trip for #3 and #4. They are very much looking forward to it. This is where we'll be for the next week starting this coming Sunday. I appreciate your prayers for us and if you're looking for a worthwhile place to donate some tax-deductible monies...this would be a good one. We will spend the week working (hard labor) doing construction and improvement sorts of things at the children's home.

I may post again this week before we leave. But didn't want to fail to mention this trip and my absence should I not find time to post.

Happy Summer!


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Mel said...

I hope you have a good trip!

grace said...

Thanks Mel!! You're awesome! I hope all goes well with your VBS...I'm keeping up with you...I love the idea of turning refrigerator boxes into a Mexican village!...if I were there with you'd I'd be all over that! ;)

em said...

Yay for providing an excuse for you to clean the house. :-) But you do know that a clean house is never a prerequisite for me visiting. Although, use it as manipulation for at least the one child who will respond and help clean... hehe!

The Mexico trip sounds like good times, and I'm glad to know that 3&4 are newbies. This will be a good experience for them. Bring me back some Mexican Vanilla... or at least bring some back for yourself. It's amazing!