Friday, March 24, 2006


It's been one heck of a week.

Right now I'm just weary. Tired of schedules and places to be and things to do. I'm an introvert at heart (even though I can fake a good extrovert in a crowd) so the business of life tends to drag me down. And what a busy life we have. I'm not gonna sit here and list it out. Too tired for such.

OH darn....I literally cannot finish writing this because #2 just called letting me know he's ready to be picked up. Which is fine. I mean, I love #2 and I'm so blessed to have 4 sons and to have a car and to be able to pick them up....he's in regular school, he's not in a wheelchair or doesn't need extra help to get by in any way mentally or physically. This is a BLESSING. Furthermore, he just informed me that some kid FOUND his IPOD Nano that we'd given up for "stolen" (wondering about the whole thing at this point) and he has it back after it's been missing for at least FOUR WEEKS!!! I go. Will finish this later. Thanks for stopping by.


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Angie said...

Hey Grace,
March madness is probably an all-year thing for you, huh! I really don't see how you do it. Hopefully there was a chance for you to rest and rejuvenate your spirit over the weekend.

Guess what!!! I couldn't believe this, but a friend of mine wrote in an e-mail that there was this blog I should check out... YOURS! WE HAVE SOME MUTUAL FRIENDS!!! If you have time (yeah, right!!! whenever you can is fine) let me know your e-mail and we'll do some name-dropping!!! :-)

Praying for you,

grace said...

Cool! Will get right on that! Does this mean we have our OWN bubble????!!!