Thursday, March 16, 2006


In an effort to inject some mirth into this downtrodden, painful existence I seem to be describing of is an example of the sort of thing you have to laugh at, lest you cry, when living in a home full of boys....who no doubt someday will be able to demonstrate the fierce love they actually have for one another...

Here's the sort of thing I overhear, frequently, from the other room....

#2: Stop it, idiot!
#3: I'm not doing anything!
#2: Whatever (thud, slap, or crashing sound is heard at this point)
#3: Idiot!
#2: Weirdo!
#3: Your mom's a weirdo!
#4: Shut up...I can't hear the freakin' movie!

There's more.....I usually allow it to go on a bit longer in hopes it will resolve itself and quiet movie watching will resume....sometimes that happens....sometimes not and I have to call "jump ball" and figure out which one got sent to their room the last time and send the other one this time. One of those little arrow thingies they use at the games would be helpful to me....although I'm sure they'd find a way to corrupt which way the arrow was pointing, thus starting an entirely NEW argument.

Are you laughing yet? I'm hysterical. *geez*


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em said...

My three nephews have been in town this week while my sister and brother-in-law are in Greece. (hard life, huh?)

Thankfully, the boys are not old enough to be having these conversations yet. But, they are already getting more-than-enough uncle Em barking at them for fighting with one another. :-S

Send your boys here for a while; they'll thank God for mom and dad once they spend some time with uncle em. haha!

grace said...

Cool! Their shot records are ready and Tdub will get the medical release forms notarized. What is it....about a 6-hr. drive from here to there?? (hehe)

Angie said...

Sooooooo..... are you wondering where this whole week went?! Goes by quickly, doesn't it!

Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and your family!

grace said... certainly does go by quickly! Thanks for stopping by and for your good thoughts! We are doing fine. Our 18-yr-old set up a meeting with our youth pastor of his OWN accord on Wednesday...which was an answer to prayer. He trusts him and will listen to him. Much of his struggle centers around just not having a clue what he wants to do with himself. It's a tough age...more for some than others, it seems. Thanks for being there.


Mel said...

That sounds like my house. "Idiot" is the favorite name to call one's brother, apparently, followed closely by "SHUT UP!"