Friday, March 10, 2006


When the last bell rings at 2:45 today I will, for the next week, become the woman I'm destined to be. Waking up at 9:00 (or so), drinking coffee, surfing a bit (no comments, tdub!), possibly cleaning up and going for lunch with a friend, or staying grungy and puttering about in the yard working on flowerbeds, maybe painting a picture, then whipping up a delightful dinner for Tdub and the four numbered children, blogging about my "charmed" life, then retiring with a good book or more likely catching up on blog reading. All the while knowing that I'll still be receiving a paycheck in a few weeks.

I love Spring Break.


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Robert said...

It is posts like these that make me wish that I became a TEACHER and not an ATTORNEY. Enjoy the break! ;-)

grace said...

Well....if it's any comfort to you...I'll let you know that it was a corportate ATTORNEY (and his wife) who graciously invited me to ride in the LIMO with them as opposed to the van the company had for the rest of us...when I visited NYC for the first time(courtesy of the Tdub's company). So, I rode in a LIMO from JFK to the Waldorf Astoria....because of the ATTORNEY. so...i think it evens out at some point.

Robert said...

Yes, yes, yes. . . There are tradeoffs. I love my silver Solara convertible with the temperature control and 6 CD stereo. :-)

Angie said...

Soak it all up, Grace... enjoy every moment! I have many teacher friends, and from what I've seen those are well-earned breaks! I'll be thinking of you while I'm having my coffee in the a.m. too!

Your Mississippi friend!

em said...

You'll have time to make cookies and mail them out, right???? ;-) haha!

Glad to know you're getting a break. You definitely will enjoy it, and I think we all need times to rest. So, enjoy!!!

I realized this past year that I had over three months off of work... I think six is about right... haha!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...


grace said...

Angie and Jenny: Thanks! Even though we've never met your friendship and our sisterhood in Christ comforts me!

Emery: With all that time off...I'm thinkin' the cookies will be HERE when you come to visit us and you can enjoy them then! I'm sure you could also convince #4 to whip you up a batch of mini-muffins.