Sunday, November 27, 2005


After two ENTIRE days (with one break last night for a family dinner) of staying up until 2AM....the decorating is finished! I'll post pictures tomorrow night. :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Son#1 and even had an extremely pleasant visit at my parents' home where we stayed overnight on Wednesday.

Here's a quote from a new friend I've made (and now met!) because of this blog.
I stand in awe at the power of God to heal, change, and restore. I trust our new and dear friend will not mind my use of his words here.

"One of the key things of the Christian faith is responding to God in faithfulness even when our lives have been riddled with faithlessness over long periods of time. To see God turn lives right-side-up, change hearts, and perform miracles that are clearly not of man's doing is amazing."

I'm so blessed and thankful for the community and relationship we can share as brothers and sisters in Him.


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