Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lights, Camera, Christmas

The front porch with our family of 6 reindeer.


The tree through our front window.

The back porch.

The tree.


Emery said...

The lights are great! Good job! You guys really did the Christmas Tree well also... tons of lights. I dig it!

And again, I really like your house! It's so much cooler than mine - I'm jealous! ;-)

Brad C. said...

Wow - that tree! Is it fake? Or what did you do to get the lights so dense? All the trees we ever got we just started at the bottom and wound the lights around till we got to the top...

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Nice job!

grace said...

Thanks guys! Yes, Brad, the tree is fake. Bless it's heart! There are a few branches at the bottom that are literally wired on (notice that really droopy one in the front). Tdub is like a Christmas light maniac! He's wrapped like each individual limb and never rests until he has all 3000 lights working! It's crazy! This is the 6th year (and we think last) for this tree but we got a really great deal on it. The main problem is storing it which we do with the lights still on in a shed behind the house.
gotta run!

tdub said...

Actually, babe, it's more like 4000. I had to re-wire the top this year so i put a full 300 up there.

Yes. It is my goal for airplanes to be able to see our tree from the sky. Plus, we don't have to heat this room when the tree is on.


rob said...

Well it works - that tree is gorgeous! and the lights on the rest of the house compliment it nicely :)