Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Things need to slow down. This week has been a scheduling nightmare at our house and it appears this craziness will continue for at least the next month. Just TOO much going on.

I facilitated the completion of 6th grader's 5ft.X3ft. mural project depicting an Iroquois village.

I had to write and illustrate a companion paragraph to 5th grader's writing assignment this week about a chore for which you are thankful. What are those teachers thinking????!!! ;)

Just finished the 6th grade musical program last night for which I decorated the set with student Egyptian artwork to resemble the inside of a pyramid. Also managed the backstage student crew AND had a child IN the program. (had to miss all but the last quarter of freshman son's very first high school basketball game because of this! augh!)

The ladies in the office at school want me to help them complete a faux fireplace with mantle and chimney using cardboard, butcher paper, and paint. It will make the office festive and cozy for the holidays.

All three of the little guys are (as of this week) on different basketball teams with practices and games on different nights/days/times.

We have Children's Christmas Musical rehearsal every week and will begin planning/assembling costumes and sets for that post haste.

School is chaotic as my students are working on artwork for the Fort Worth Stock Show Art Contest. The deadline is fast approaching (Dec.3) and we have the entire week off next week! Our school won a BIG BLUE RIBBON (and a check) in the show last year so I'm feeling pressure to repeat....and of course I WANT to win!! :)

Son #1 is definitely coming back to Texas for the Spring semester. He's survived academically but socially is just not settling in and doesn't really care to. I want him to get to know his freshman class so I've agreed to let him transfer at semester. This all requires extra coorespondence and coordination back and forth to get the whole moving/transfer of credit thing accomplished.

I truly am thankful for all of the above because each hectic peice of my life is a reminder of God's blessings. I'm so blessed I can hardly stand it!


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