Friday, November 25, 2005

Let the Madness Ensue

And.....we're off! The Holiday madness is fully upon us....again.

Tdub(i really hate that moniker for him...makes him sound somewhat redneck when, in actuality, he's the poster boy for metrosexual)is in earthly heaven right now. Has all three of the younger boys outside helping "light" the house. He manages to purchase at least one new thing each year it seems. I'm thinking we'll hit the peak of good taste this year with all this (crap) beautiful decorating. At some point, more becomes tasteless, don't you agree? I'm counting on Tdub's sense of good taste at this point. That, and hoping the 120 yr. old electrical wiring of our house can sustain the addition of a family of 6 mechanized, lighted deer. Those things have finally been out long enough for the price to drop, making it possible for us to afford the entire family. Nothing less would ever do, you see. I'd say that Tdub's heavenly home will surely be fully lit with Christmas lights, but then, that would rob him the joy of doing it himself. So, I'm just assuming God will provide Tdub a nice big ladder and an unlimited supply of lights.

Thanksgiving was really great. I'm going to write more about that later. For now, I really should get out there and enjoy the madness.



Emery said...

A whole family of mechanized, lighted deer and still not enough to pull a sleigh loaded with gifts for the entire population of nice children. You need three more reindeer, preferably one with a red-lighted nose!

Robert said...

Hey Grace!

Go let TDub go crazy with the electrical. The holidays are a time for lighted kitch and tacky-glowing-moving-thingamajigs.

Your pie recipe was a hit in 3 households. I doubled the recipe, and managed to get 3 pies out of it (our nouvelle cuisine California pie crusts are no match for Texas deep-dish crusts). One went to my neighbor, the other went to my kinda-ex-sort-of-mother in law (THAT is a story and a half), and the other went to my first-boss-out-of-law-school's ranch up in the low desert of SoCal.

It was a hit in each house. In fact, I am performing an encore tonight, baking yet another pie for my own home!

I trust you had a warm and memorable Thanksgiving.