Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday Time

In all the years I've been writing this blog, I don't think I've ever mentioned my birthday passing. It's not that I haven't had them, or they weren't acknowledged by my family. In fact, Tdub was a bit over-the-top when it came to birthdays and celebrating them. It was one of the things we disagreed about in a friendly sort of way. He thought birthdays should always be a big deal and you should make a big "stink" about that person and do all sorts of special things for them on that day. I was of the opinion that you should treat people more like it was their birthday on every other day. I never wrote about my birthdays back then, I think, out of some sort of rebellion against his way of thinking. I refused to bring it up because then some people would feel like they had to say Happy Birthday or get me a card or some other thing like that.

Well. That chapter of my life is over. And...


Actually, my birthday is on Tuesday, the 22nd. I like it that my birthday is close to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday because he's a hero of mine. In fact, to commemorate our birthdays I'll remind myself and everyone else of probably my all-time favorite quote. I mean, if I had to be on a desert island, and I could only take one quote with me, this one might be it.

If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well." MLK, Jr.

My cousin Wes is making dinner for me tonight and he's invited my teaching partners and a few other friends. There will be about 10 of us. I am VERY much looking forward to this. They are a super fun group and the closest friends I've made since I've been in Sulphur. In fact, they'll probably remain my closest friends even if I stay here for a very long time. I've learned, from making this move, that one of the greatest things about friendship is shared history. It's odd that my history was what compelled me to start fresh in a new place, but it's also having history with folks that I miss the most. The good news is that I'm making new history with a new group. These new friends have graciously opened their hearts to me. People don't have to do that, you know.

In other news....I've rejoined eHarmony. I was in that little funk a few weeks ago....feeling really lonely and having second thoughts about this whole being single for the rest of my life idea. So...I decided to join eHarmony. Not necessarily to search for a mate...but...I guess if that happens, it happens. I had regrets from joining it last time because it was too soon and I ended up bringing pain to someone. But, the thing is this; it's always a risk to put yourself out there, and anyone who joins eHarmony has to be grown up enough to be willing to take that risk and reap the benefits as well as the potential consequences. Myself included. Yes, it could hurt to join eHarmony. I might meet someone, fall in love with them, then be rejected by them. But...guess what?? I've already survived things much WORSE than that! Or, and I actually find this more difficult to stomach, I could have someone fall in love with me and then have to hurt them. It basically stinks when you're trying to figure all this stuff out.

Oh. I'll be 45. (that way you don't have to ask)

love and grace,

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Anonymous said...

I'll wish you a happy birthday now, in case I forget on Tuesday. Though your birthday should be pretty easy for me to remember, as it's also my mother's birthday. (And for the record, she's significantly older than 45! *evil grin*)

I didn't used to make a big deal over birthdays, but I've begun to see things differently.

And good luck with the eHarmony thing! Whatever good luck may turn out to look like.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 45 ain't nothin'! You know a friend of mine rates over eharmony.

Norm! said...

Happy b-day-eve, Pam! That is so neat that your birthday is next to MLK's.

Getting old sucks. Now whenever someone asks my age, there is an awkward pause as do the math.

kurt_t said...

I think it was my 45th birthday we went to see King Tut at the LA County Art Museum. I think as you get towards those more emotionally challenging birthdays, it's best to do something really spectacular to get your mind off the whole thing. When I turned 46, I went to the World's Largest Dollar Store in Houston with Tony and My mom. Then the next day it was the Blue Bell Ice Cream plant in Brenham.

Lakelady said...

Happy birthday Pam! I hope that you have a wonderful day. I started adding 10 years to my age when I turned 40 and I would get many compliments on how good I look for my age. Now in my mid 50's it just sounds old to add 10 years. Still do though! Wishing you many hugs for your birthday. Hugs are the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm glad you liked the sticker. Now when people are behind either of us in traffic, they will know we are soul sisstahs.

Oh, and that is a good MLK quote...!

I've never heard him say anything I didn't think was genious. Do you think he got exhausted speaking such wisdom in every breath? Did he ever just want to take a break and talk about dumb stuff with everyone else?

oh yeah this is traci. my sign in won't work.

Anonymous said...

And again, Happy Birthday!

-- Jarred.

Robert said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a Grace-ful gal!
(albeit I am late 4 days)


grantdale said...

and we're even later than robert...

(figured we'd give you enough time to get over the "why oh why did I eat so much and laugh so much" pains)

Happy 35th birthday dear!


You're joking, right? -- no way!!!


Brady said...

Happy belated birthday, Grace! Sorry I'm so late to the party...