Saturday, September 22, 2007

Play-Doh, God, and Gay Stuff

I haven't written anything really meaty about gay stuff in an age. It's not because I've stopped thinking about those issues, it's just that, because of the circumstances of the past year, and my bits of writing here and there at XGW, I've just not had the inclination to write about any of that stuff here.

For anyone stopping by randomly, or maybe a long lost friend or even possibly a parent who's decided to google me and ended up here, I started writing this blog a few years ago after discovering I was married to a guy who struggled with same sex attraction. At that time, I was anonymous. Last year, he decided to give up the struggle, accept himself as gay, and now has a partner.

I once (somewhere on this blog, or maybe it was in my classroom) described our lives as being sort of like a big lump of Play-Doh. We get squished and battered around by our experiences, and, like it or not, those experiences sort of "shape" us. Furthermore, the shaping that gets done from all current or future experiences is totally affected by what shape you were in at the end of the last "go-round". Keeping with this analogy, I like to think of God as the big zip bag I get put into between shapings. If it weren't for that bag, I'd get all hard and crusty and my shape would start to actually chip away over time as I continued to be battered. But, the zip bag protects me mostly by keeping me soft and pliable. In fact, it's that soft, pliable lump, the one sitting there waiting to be formed, that's most valuable to God.

All that said, I've got some thoughts I'm going to write in the next few weeks about Gay Stuff. I guess this is just a "teaser". Sorry. But, it's been so long since I've really spoken about those things here, I just felt like getting this sort of, I don't know, disclaimer out there first.

love and grace,
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Norm! said...

What a great tease! I'm tempted to buy some Play-Doh just to prepare.

Jarred said...

Beautiful analogy and great teaser! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

kurt_t said...

Yeah, well, I feel like I've spent the past two months getting squooshed around in the Fun Factory.

Journeyman said...

I sometimes feel like I'm in that Play-Doh "spaghetti maker," where all the Play-Doh gets put under pressure andsquished through little tiny holes.

I digress. I'm looking forward to reading, when you're ready.

grace said...

Norm!: It's CHEAP!! And there's nothing like the smell of Play-doh to take you back down memory lane....

Jarred: I look forward to your input about my thoughts!

Kurt: I KNOW the feeling...."fun" is such a relative term, huh? thanks for never failing to make me smile. ;)

Journeyman: Just glad you're here to give your 2 cents....hope you continue! surely you can spare a little "strand" of yourself here now and then... ;)