Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Crazy Week

It's been a crazy/emotional week. I don't typically link to the stuff I write for XGW, but in this case I will. There are a few reasons why I chose, after praying about it, to volunteer as a writer over there and this sort of article is one of them. One of the other reasons is that writing for XGW challenges me. I have to write like a journalist there. It's unnatural for me; I much prefer the free and easy personal narrative style of blog writing, but it's great for my writing skills.

If you took the time to read the article I linked to above, you now know what I mean when I say this week has been emotionally hectic. It seems the former clients of our former therapist are coming out of the woodwork to the point that we (those of us at XGW) are considering starting an online support group to assist everyone in their "debriefing", so to speak. It's a very difficult thing, to come to grips with the fact that someone you've put such a high level of esteem and trust into has abused that responsibility.

In other news, it's almost time for Miss Emma to go under the "doggie knife" for her transition into the world of.....hmmm.....what would I call that? It's not the same as Sparky being "euniched". I guess she's entering a world of barrenness. The thing is, there's a cute little Jack Russell terrier who's been making the 3-block trek to our house every single morning for the past 2 weeks in search of pretty lil' Miss Em. I'm not sure what we'd call that mix ( jackshund terrier?, jackweenie?) and even though I'm sure they'd be adorable, I'm not a willing host to such a match. So, next Tuesday it is. Little Miss Emma's legacy will be no more. She and Sparky can live out their days sans the complication of an overactive doggy sex drive. After the week I've had....heck....after the decade I've had....I'm beginning to think that's the way to go!

love and grace,

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Ally said...

Pam, thanks for going through the emotional turmoil. I really believe you're doing a very good thing.

Jarred said...

If memory serves, there are a number of overall health benefits to spaying and neutering dogs.

I think that the support forum is a good idea. I've been amazed to watch the numerous and varied reactions of Chris Austins former clients. My heart goes out to every single one of the people who've spoken up (and those who've remained silent so far).

I also have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you occasionally write for XGW. It's something I simply never would've expected, though I can see the sense in it now that I think about it.

Robert said...

Hi Pam!

So Sparky and Emma are not going to be able to contribute to the cute gene pool. :-( My smooth fox terrier, Stuart, swings both ways, so I bet he would enjoy Emma and Sparky (but whether they would enjoy him is another question).

I'm not surprised that Dr. Austin has acted inappropriately with his patients. When you described his foot fetish with TDub's leg, I could tell his methods went a little beyond professional therapy. My experience with friends who are professional psychologists convinces me that often the therapist is wackier than the patient. I am glad that you and TDub were discerning enough to set some boundaries in therapy.


grantdale said...

Yeah, it did seem a tough week for you. You think you're moving on, and then you discover you're just moving on to a place where you need to deal with some things; even if it's on behalf of other people.

Ain't life like that. You can run, but you cannot hide. They also say a mother's work is never done :)

But we know a lot of people were very grateful for your input, your balance and your good humour around "that" issue.

Anyway, real reason for stopping by, we haven't forgotten we promised we'd put up a page -- just for you -- with some shots of three people lazing around in the tropic heat of Bali...

Work's been crazy for us both, but we promise to get it done asap. (cross your fingers, don't hold your breath!)

Take care, etc, and all that.



grace said...

Thanks!!! And thanks for being my Waco contact...what a great blessing this internet can be when it brings us together and makes it possible for us to serve one another. I appreciate you!

Jarred: I hope we get the group up and going this week. If I hadn't been convinced before...well...most of those who've remained silent have done so because they felt responsible and "at fault"...the level of trust many had in him was clearly unhealthy.

Robert: Good to hear from you! Send me a picture of Stuart if you get time...I'd love to see him.

Grant/Dale: Thanks for stopping by guys!!! Still waiting with baited breath to see that page you've promised. I've got an article "in progress" right now for XGW and your name is mentioned in it ;) in a good way, of course! Maybe if you'll get that page up I'll be motivated to finish that article!

Jarred said...

Other people felt "at fault"? How awful! No one should feel "at fault" for the wrongdoings of another. I hope they (and everyone else) find the healing they need.