Monday, February 19, 2007

Ready or Not....Here We Go

Tomorrow is the day. The TAKS writing test. My success for the year will be measured in this one fell swoop. Feb. 20. The data will "speak" and that's that. Touche'.

My teaching partner (we each have one-half of the 7th graders for writing instruction) and I pooled our classes together today for testing procedural review and some "down" time. My
(ms. whitley's) "twin" sister, Fi Fi, who lives in France, visited today and prepared a snack in fine French form. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. I enjoyed it. My teaching partner enjoyed it, and I'm exhausted. Below are the pictures of Ms. "Fi Fi". It was pure silliness, and yet silliness has it's place; does it not?

Bon Appetit!

love and grace,

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Norm! said...

You're an amazing teacher. Even in light of all of this ridiculous testing, you were able to get your twin sister to appear (especially daring if your 7th graders are as jaded as I remember I was). You remind me of my own middle school teachers who I really remember fondly. The time between elementary school and high school is such a bizarre time that silliness is required.

Sacho said...


Silliness is absolutely required, especially now for these young people. It's stressful studying for a test that evaluates whether you're "good enough" to move on to the next grade. Your silliness shows them that you understand they're stressed and maybe a little afraid even if these "tough" pre-teens don't show it. By being silly you're showing them you care for them and that's the greatest thing about teaching (or at least I think so).

God Bless,

Robert said...

Ms Whitley, you are a FUN teacher!

grace said...

Norm!: It is a "special" time in their lives...and for some reason I tend to have a fresh perspective on that which they seem to respond well to. I did see a bit of looking around, getting "peer permission" to enjoy the silliness.

Sacho: Thanks for commenting! I do care about them, that's for takes a while to convince some of them of it.

Robert: Thanks! Do you have any data to back up that claim, I need numbers! ;) You're a fun friend!

love and grace,

kurt_t said...

My old boss, a Zen Buddhist, used to say to me, "Your humor is important. Your humor is there for some very serious reasons."

Ally said...

Pam, I admire inspire me.

grace said...

Kurt: I hope your new boss is as wise as the old one was.

Ally: Thanks for building me up that way, Ally. Let me know if there's anything specific you need me to pray with you about...or just whatever. I've made one other transgender friend through my blog/internet but she is an athiest. I read your brief profile.. ;). Thanks so much for commenting and I hope you will continue.

love and grace,

the_Tmac said...

hey pam! i finally found ya!

i read some of your past posts...good stuff. :)

i don't use this server, but i'm over on xanga...

have a good weekend eh!