Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stumbling Towards Faithfulness

A very dear friend of ours used this phrase in an email of encouragement today.

I believe this perfectly describes me as I stumble onward. This is one reason I'm so sickened and saddened by the self-righteous attitudes of those who believe that shaming others is somehow the correct action to take. The way I see it, even in our most PRISTINE moments, at our very FINEST of efforts (i'm talking billy graham/john piper/max lucado/insert the modern day Christian role model of your choice here) we are still just stumbling along toward an immense holiness that we don't even really begin to comprehend. And yet, we think (so much of the time) we have it all figured out.

When are we going to "wake up" and recognize that if Jesus loved us WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS....and gave HIS LIFE for us.....that we, in turn, are being called to do the same for others. We are being called to lay down our very lives for the sake of those who may never accept the message, the way of Christ. That's what He did.

Laying down my life doesn't mean I've come to preach a gospel of condemnation and shame. I've come to declare freedom in Christ! So.....what if someone came to Christ, believed He was God's son and had died for the sins of mankind....yet....didn't believe that homosexual acts were sin? What would I do with that? What have I done with that?

I'll tell you what I've done. I've befriended those who claim Christ, as Christians, but been honest with them about my beliefs that homosexual acts are sin. And I'm letting God deal with the rest of it....recognizing that I have sin in my own life....and that as I submit to Christ I continue to be called to greater and greater depths of holiness. I've had to give up things. It didn't happen all at once. In fact, I'm certain that there are areas of sinfulness in my life even now. As I journey onward He will reveal those things to me. I'm taking it one step at a time and trusting in Him. I have complete FAITH in God, and the power of the Holy Spirit, to work out the things that I cannot. Stumbling towards faithfulness. I love that.


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Susan Smith said...

Hi Grace:

I found your blog via Christine's TalkWisdom blog. I appreciate your words there. You said, "I see no compassion for hurting people who don't even recognize they are hurting....and how can they, when they haven't been loved as Jesus loved?"

I admire your transparency in your profile. I am a former lesbian working as a Christian volunteer in Israel. God bless you from Jerusalem. (ss)

grace said...

Thank you so much Susan! I appreciate your encouargement. I do struggle with the religious right and their approach to those who are same sex attracted. I rarely speak up about it but recently I've felt a little more compellled to do so. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments and hope I can look forward to more!


Susan Smith said...

As your words often reflect, Grace, life is not about "right and wrong" but about the Cross. It is not "right" for someone to slap you or hate you, but Jesus said we are to turn the other cheek and love our enemies. Our standard as true believers is higher than the world's. It is sometimes harder to love the "up & out" than the "down & out".

Working in a Christian ministry has revealed to me so much sinful flesh in Christians, especially myself! Have you ever talked to Stephen Bennett ( His toll free number is 1-800-832-3623. He loves homosexuals and his ministry is located in Connecticut. He was in the lifestyle for 11 years and has been married 12 or 13 years. He has two beautiful children born 2 years apart. His radio show called Straight Talk Radio ( is outstanding. He has broadcast the testimony of homosexuals, lesbians and couples where one has been delivered or is struggling with same-sex attraction.

I have bookmarked your blog and will visit back. God bless you on this beautiful Sunday morning across the ocean! (ss)